I Heart Joshua Trees

Before Saturday, the only Joshua Tree I had seen was on the cover of a U2 album.  At the time I was more interested in the music than the photograph, and paid it very little mind.  As we drove across the desert on Saturday, I cared nothing for the music, and I fell in love with that gnarled, twisted existence that dotted the landscape outside my window.

What was it about the tree that I found so lovely?  Surely, by classic aesthetics, it wasn’t beautiful.  There was just a little green, simply a few tufts atop a very rugged trunk.  Yet each tree was different, more like people than other trees.  Regardless of the metophor to humanity, I think I fell in love with them before they remind me of the Yukon.  I seem always to be drawn to the quiet stength of something that insists on living in an unyielding environment.  It is the ultimate example of “bloom where you are planted” and it’s something with which I struggle on a personal level.

4 thoughts on “I Heart Joshua Trees

  1. I still haven’t seen a Joshua tree in real life. I imagine (though I don’t know) that there might be a lot of similarities between the difficult environments of the Yukon and the desert.

  2. I loved seeing the joshua trees when we drove up to Vegas from Phoenix. They actually grow in AZ as well. The thing I think is the coolest is that the only OTHER place they grow in the world is in the middle east. Could the joshua tree be some of the seeds that ancient book of mormon peoples brought with them?

  3. I think that I have liked them because they grow in the worst possible conditions. But then so does sagebrush and I must admit that I don’t find that stuff nearly as interesting 😛

  4. I love the desert so much! Granted, I don’t particularly want to ever live there again, but I’m still fond of sage brush. We used sage brush wood for our bow drill fires at RedCliff and the leaves for Indian smudge ceremonies when we gave students their earth names, so I’ve actually got fond memories of sage brush. I like the way Joshua trees look too.

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