Our Non-Vacation

After much waffling, the boys and I decided to join Paul on his convention.  We went to:

New York New York

Just kidding, we didn’t go to New York, nor did we stay at the New York, New York in Vegas (Vegas is where the convention really was.) 


We stayed at the Golden Nugget.  (Paul’s boss is a big poker player and they have special poker rooms.)  The hotel was really nice, even though it was in the downtown/casino district which definitely does not consider me their target demographic. 

Our trip was a mixed bag.  We decided to go because I didn’t want to send Paul away on the heels of his big trip to Virginia, but as you read the segments of our trip, I’m sure you’ll agree that I would have saved myself a lot of stress by toughing it out at home.

EDIT:  I forgot with the first posting to add the “view from my window” photo.

Golden Nugget South Tower room 19112 view at night

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