Paul’s boss met us in line at the hotel on Saturday evening to ensure that our check-in went smoothly.  (Good thing: the hotel charges $20 for a crib and he decided to foot that, too.)  As they chatted, Paul and Jim, Jim casually said, “and tomorrow is suit and tie.”  We had already turned around (within town) to go back for his garment bag with the suit, but had somehow completely forgotten about a tie and wouldn’t have realized until he dressed the next day had Jim not reminded us. 

Paul is such a tie guy, that as we related the story the next morning to Zaylore, one of his coworkers, Z simply exclaimed, “Paul?  forgot about a tie??” Thus, despite all my “when I ask non-gamblers what to do in Vegas they all tell me there’s a great outlet mall” complaining on the drive, the first thing we did in Vegas was hit the outlet mall.  Luckily, BrooksBrothers was having a sale so he got two ties for $40.  And we found a hard-to-find Cars car at KBToys to add to my rewards drawer (doubles as my sock and underwear drawer) because I buy cool cars when I see them, and hide them until I need them.

On Sunday we tried to keep things easy, as it was the sabbath and all.  Basically the boys and I explored the hotel and the surrounding areas.  None of us are used to the desert, so our adventures outside were always short-lived.  Early Bird would be staring everyone down in the hotel, but the second we stepped outside he would fall asleep.  Little Red would tell the strong desert winds, “stop it!” as they blew in his face.  For my part, as I was pushing a stroller and wearing a baby, I was just very hot.  It being downtown Vegas, I was also unhappy to have that much smoke blown in my face and in the faces of my children, and appalled at the number of inebriated people. 

Sunday evening Paul’s brother and sister-in-law visited us, and that was a lot of fun.  I’m glad they moved from Memphis to Las Vegas, they are happier, and they are closer to us! 

Monday morning was a nightmare, and the vicious cycle only ended by our trip to M&M World.  We had a lot of fun.  Little Red chose four colours for his bag of candies (and I’m so impressed that they are so complimentary!) and I picked up a Hot Wheels style replica of the M&Ms racer so sneakily that Little Red has no idea. 


We walked by the lion habitat at the MGM Grand.  I was underwhealmed.  Yes, it was cool that we walked UNDER the lions as they slept on a glass floor, but there was very little pedestrian space and way too many people.  For the really good views you could pay $25 to have your photo taken with some cubs, but they won’t even let you see it if you aren’t going to have the photo taken.


We were pretty pooped out by the end of that adventure.  We had lunch and took a loong nap (all three of us.) 


Late Monday evening we drove out to Hendersen to see Andrew & Nancee’s place and visit with them, arriving back at the hotel at 10, just as Paul was getting in.

Tuesday was hectic.  I found out Paul’s boss checked everyone out on their way to the convention.  That was one less thing I had to do, but I found out during breakfast so then I worried about how much time we could spend in the room after being checked out, so we rushed out into the desert several hours before it was time to pick up Paul for the convention.  We tried to pass the time well, but we all just wanted to lie down and nap.  In retrospect I think we should have just gone shopping (haha.)

The nightmare finally ended when Paul finished long after we thought he would be.  We had an early supper at the Cheesecake Factory so that we could wander the forum at Caesar’s Palace, and hit the road.

Early Bird never really liked Las Vegas at all, the lights were obnoxious, it was loud, it was smokey, it was hard to keep a schedule, and it was hot.  When we came home and I put him down on my bed to get us all ready for bed, he smiled and laughed, happier than he had been all weekend.

Little Red, for his part, held up really well but was happy to be home, too.  He did a great job with the toilet, and even stayed dry in the diaper we used for the long car rides.  It was heartbreaking to hear him cry that he needed to go potty when we couldn’t stop anywhere, and it was hard to tell him, “just go in the diaper, it’s ok.”  But in the end he stayed dry (and only used clean washrooms — he refused at one stop because someone had carved their initials into the seat.)

Today all we’ve done is laundry, watch tv, and take a big nap.  It feels so normal and I’m happy to be home.  I’m glad the “smell of Vegas” is out of our clothes, and I’m glad to feel relative humidity (sorry desert rats, I need water.)

3 thoughts on “Synopsis

  1. Yay for being home!!! A least parts of the trip were fun. I mean, wow, seeing the underside of a sleeping lion? That’s just…uhhh….priceless.
    That’s really awesome that Little Red stayed dry the whole time! Yay!!!!
    I’ve told everyone that I’m going to be a hermit for at least a month. It sounds like you’ll be doing the same. 🙂

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