Always Something New

The other day, as we were walking through the grocery store, my husband said, “the carnivore in me wants steak for supper.” I continued walking, a few steps ahead of him.  I usually ignore his comments like that. “The accountant in me also wants steak for supper.”  Now that was an attention grabbing comment!  We’ve […]

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Not a Spoiler

I didn’t open the last page first to see if the final word was “scar.”  I didn’t skim through for the death tally.  I started at the beginning like a good girl, and tried to pause at the end of every chapter to make sure I was processing all the details. (oh yeah, and to […]

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This Fan is not Super

I enjoy Harry Potter for the escapism.  I appreciate Harry Potter for getting millions of children (and adults!) to read.  The final two books of the series I have pre-ordered, in part due to my own anticipation to read them. That’s as far as it goes.  In the grande scheme of things, I’m a pretty […]

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He Is My Son

Yesterday evening Paul and Captain Underpants were downstairs in the garage.  RockStarNextDoor and a friend were leaving, and Captain Underpants opened the garage door for them. As they sped off Captain Underpants yelled at them, “you’re WELCOME!”

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Bear One Another’s Burdens

I had been planning this activity for so long that when I was released from Young Women I told Kristine that I still wanted to follow through with the activity held last night.  As I had been the personal progress coordinator, I tried to plan an activity once a month that related to the theme […]

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Independent Woman

It’s been over a year that I have been carless.  I think I’ve done well for myself, all things considered, but I am so sick and tired of having to beg rides everytime I want to go outside my walking radius!  (like … to playgroup, and even to work when I was still working.) We’ve […]

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Parry Hotter

(I started leaving a comment for Karen, on her Countdown post, but realized I should just write my own post.  I’m not doing the whole Harry Potter meme, I’m only responding to the first question.) When I was student teaching I borrowed books 1-3 from my cooperating teacher under her recommendation.  It was very important to both […]

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Breaking Bread

I had developped a bit of mystique surrounding bread machine bread.  We didn’t have a machine at home.  Either we bought the dollar loaves from Super A or we made our own bread with Mum’s Bosch mixer (a treat, for sure, both the mixer and the homemade bread which dissappeared twice as fast as a […]

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Last Night

Last night once the boys were both down (Guy Smiley — 10pm, Captain Underpants — probably not till 9:30) I got so much done!  I made my first ever loaf of brown bread (pardon me, whole wheat) and I cleaned up the kitchen.  I picked up the toys in the living room.  I got some […]

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