Always Something New

July 30, 2007

The other day, as we were walking through the grocery store, my husband said, “the carnivore in me wants steak for supper.”

I continued walking, a few steps ahead of him.  I usually ignore his comments like that.

“The accountant in me also wants steak for supper.”  Now that was an attention grabbing comment!  We’ve been married for nearly 8 years and he’s introducing a new character into the lineup.

“I didn’t realize you had an accountant in you,” I said to him.

“Well, he isn’t very good so I don’t let him out much.”


Not a Spoiler

July 24, 2007


I didn’t open the last page first to see if the final word was “scar.”  I didn’t skim through for the death tally.  I started at the beginning like a good girl, and tried to pause at the end of every chapter to make sure I was processing all the details.

(oh yeah, and to take care of my family)

It might be that I haven’t read a book in a while, well, not one with chapters or plot anyway, but I thoroughly relished reading it.  The end, I’ll admit, was cheesy (even by my standards) and yet I still enjoyed it.  I think this book was a better piece of literature than the others, with the plot and character development.  All I really want to say about the book, is just this:


(a very contended, relaxed, exhalation)

 *** Edit:  After sleeping on it I’ve come to peace with the ending.  I don’t know what I was expecting, after all it is a piece of young adult literature.  The ending, I conclude, is just right, and not even as melodramatic as I had first assumed.  The world would be a better place with more cheese.

This Fan is not Super

July 21, 2007

I enjoy Harry Potter for the escapism.  I appreciate Harry Potter for getting millions of children (and adults!) to read.  The final two books of the series I have pre-ordered, in part due to my own anticipation to read them.

That’s as far as it goes.  In the grande scheme of things, I’m a pretty passive fan.  Certainly not like some people

I pre-ordered my book many months ago, or rather, Paul pre-ordered the book for me as a Valentine’s Day gift.  We’re cheapies, so we went with the free shipping instead of the “day of” shipping.  I was all ready to bide my time this weekend doing THINGS with the family (to take my mind off the book, and to make up for them, in advance, the quality time I won’t be giving them when the book comes.)  So we went to the zoo when I came home from visiting teaching.  (After naps we’re going to Target, and tonight is Cruise Night.) 

Say it isn’t so!  When we returned from the zoo there was a card in the mailbox saying that they had a package for me from amazon.  I can pick it up on Monday after 9 am.  You can bet the boys and I will be there (now that I have transportation) when the doors open.  Maybe I should cancel playgroup at my house at 10?

He Is My Son

July 19, 2007

Yesterday evening Paul and Captain Underpants were downstairs in the garage.  RockStarNextDoor and a friend were leaving, and Captain Underpants opened the garage door for them.

As they sped off Captain Underpants yelled at them, “you’re WELCOME!”

Bear One Another’s Burdens

July 18, 2007

I had been planning this activity for so long that when I was released from Young Women I told Kristine that I still wanted to follow through with the activity held last night.  As I had been the personal progress coordinator, I tried to plan an activity once a month that related to the theme and the values.  Scheduling messed us up a little so I made last night a twofer.

The devotional/opening was about integrity.  I explained to the girls that we want to develop good atributes and make them integral to who we are.  I put some cloth in a cup of pure bleach while I spoke.  It didn’t fade.  Integrity, I told them, doesn’t bleach out.  It’s who you are no matter what.

Then we talked about Good Works, and how important it is to comfort those who stand in need of comfort and to bear one another’s burdens.  This activity was especially important to me to do this summer, as July 1st was the anniversary of Bishop Nelson’s death, a man with whom the girls had been very close, and August 16th is the anniversary of Jessica‘s death.  When I asked them what we can do to reach out to others one suggested “cards.”  Lucky for them, that’s what I had planned!

When seeing a loved one grieve, it’s often hard to reach out.  When my friends’ baby was stillborn I was mute — I knew my pain couldn’t compare to the devastation they were feeling.  It’s the same whenever I see someone going through a particularly tough time.  I hoped that by making cards I was giving the girls a medium through which they can reach out to those who mourn and let them know they are loved and supported.  Does it take the pain away?  No, but at least it’s something.

Also, it’s a difficult time for each of the girls (and us, leaders) as we remember the losses of last summer.  Making cards and reaching out to others is also a vehicle through which we can deal productively with our own grief.

I hope it helped.

Independent Woman

July 18, 2007

It’s been over a year that I have been carless.  I think I’ve done well for myself, all things considered, but I am so sick and tired of having to beg rides everytime I want to go outside my walking radius!  (like … to playgroup, and even to work when I was still working.)

We’ve been thinking about our second car for a long time, wanting to make just the right decision.  New, used, or lease?  How big?  When?  Yesterday was a fairly stressful day and when Paul came home from work I didn’t take him very seriously when he told me that Morgan (one of the salesmen at one of the dealerships we’d visited) had called saying that his manager was desperate to sell a car today and was willing to make deals he wasn’t willing to make before.  Paul loves talking cars so I ignored it.

When my grande finale YW activity was over Paul and Little Red met us (I had Guy Smiley) in the parking lot with Morgan and the charcoal Edge.  I told them both “when I woke up this morning I had a lot of thoughts.  None of them was, “I’m going to buy a car today.””  We went back to Ford, loaded our car seats back into our 2-door Focus (yes, they fit!), dropped off Morgan, and went home under promise that Paul would return and discuss things more.  By this point it was after 9 pm (the boys and I were spent) and the dealership was closing but the amanger would stay if Paul promised he’d come back to talk some more.

We had a family prayer and I felt calmer than I had been in about two days.  I sent Paul away not knowing if he’d return with a car, but knowing that I trusted his judgement and we’d be okay.

He returned at 11:30, after getting a really good deal on a really nice car. 


Parry Hotter

July 17, 2007

(I started leaving a comment for Karen, on her Countdown post, but realized I should just write my own post.  I’m not doing the whole Harry Potter meme, I’m only responding to the first question.)

When I was student teaching I borrowed books 1-3 from my cooperating teacher under her recommendation.  It was very important to both of us that I knew what the kids were reading.  The fourth book was out, but she didn’t have a copy yet.  One afternoon, Mr. Chang, one of the dads in our class, was mortified that I had not read #4 and promised me he’d send me his copy w/ Nathan the next day.

He did.  It was Norman’s week to drive so I read the book the whole way back from Kailua to Laie.  I read the book during class (shhhh, it was a lab.)  I read the book all afternoon, all evening, all night.  I finished in the wee hours of the morning and still managed to peel myself out of bed before the crack of dawn to meet Norm and drive down to school again.  I returned the book to Nathan and stumbled through my morning.

Mr. Chang came in no more than half an hour after school was over, furious.  “Why did you not read my book?” He demanded.  I meekly explained that I did, and from then on he had a great deal of respect for me; that was the first “long” Harry Potter book, and I read it in a night.

The fifth book came out while Paul and I were in Virginia.  He was teaching the 12 year old’s class in Sunday School and we waited in rapt anticipation with the kids for the new release.  The first boy in our class to finish the book graciously lent it to me.  I tried to pace myself as I was also trying to get ready for a new school year at a new school.  Reading Order of the Phoenix gave me “me time” in an otherwise crazy time.  I began that school year prepared to give my students the best I had, and to engage in the most recent Harry Potter talk with our librarian.

I pre-ordered The Half-Blood Prince with my Mother’s Day money.  It was the first book I read after Little Red was born (yet several months after he was born.)  I was so grateful at the generosity of my friends who had loaned me their copies that as soon as I was done I mailed my copy off to ABQ.  (She graciously returned it in a care package from me.  I have first dibs on lending her this next copy!)

I’m addicted.  Once I’m finished with the series I think I need to focus on more adult reading — I’ve been in the young adult genre for way too long!