The Words of Little Red

Last night as we were putting Little Red to bed and the concert was booming through the walls, Little Red said, “it’s my song, Mummy.  It’s my go-to-sleep song.”  Maybe if he can be so optimistic about it (we’ve come a long way from when the music would give him nightmares) then maybe I can endure this, too.

This morning as Early Bird was having some tummy time, Little Red lay down beside him.  “Wake up, Little Brother, wake up!” he said, holding Early Bird’s hand.  It’s not the most profound thing he’s ever said, but it was really sweet to me.

2 thoughts on “The Words of Little Red

  1. I hope that it isn’t too much longer before you get out of that apartment! One of the things I’ve sooooo enjoyed about a house is not hearing every sound the neighbors make!!! I’m glad it’s not bothering Little Red too much anymore. (if it’s any help, we located the main power box to the apartment complex, figured out which switch was our neighbors and would kick their power off when they were being overly obnoxious. They never figured out what was kicking out their power every time they listened to their TV at full blast at 2am. But…uhh…don’t do that because it’s…uhh…bad *wink, wink*) 😉

    You have a seriously evil streak! Wow! If I didn’t think they’d resort to violence … hmmmm

  2. Soooo, what kind of music is it? If it’s some kind of rap crap, then I say do what Timber did. If it’s just really loud, hard rock, well, you can get them back by blasting the Wiggles through the walls really early in the morning. Or some kind of kid’s music. Heh. They would find it extremely obnoxious, but I would find it extremely funny. I used to do that at our first apartment in NV. I’d open the windows and the patio door and blast Sharon, Lois, and Bram and Aiden and I would dance around, yelling and singing. People walking by would look in at us like we were sooooo wierd, but who cares. We were enjoying ourselves.

    At least it wasn’t as bad as the time I went out in the parking lot at 2 am to yell at a bunch of gang bangers and prostitutes for playing their music so loud. I was very pregnant and had HAD IT UP TO HERE . I must have looked so funny to them: big belly, pajamas, little white girl, shaking her finger and screaming at them. Don’t do that. I can’t believe they didn’t kill me!

    You are one gutsy girl! I would never, never, ever, ever go out and yell at anyone, let alone hookers and gang bangers! Wow. I like the loud music in the a.m. alternative. Fire with fire. Actually, we’ve had a quiet week so I want to see where this is going. (Another neighbour called the cops on him for lighting illegal fireworks in our garage. Yes. I think he’s trying to lay low now and not rock the boat too much.)

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