I Think We’re Reaching “Obsession”

It began simply, in the promotional packaging with the dvd.  I was silly to think it would end there, that any of us would show restraint.  Not only was my husband raised in Detroit, not only was his father an executive at Ford, but he had had a Matchbox Cars collection to rival the masters.  Things like that don’t just stay in the past.

On Saturday mornings, when I was tutoring, they would go to Target under the guise of buying diapers or other necessities, and always come back with a car.  Sometimes a Cars car, sometimes a Matchbox car.  I chided Paul.  It was frivolous, and I didn’t want Little Red expecting gifts at every turn, or at every trip to Target.

I had heard him wax philosophical on the merits of Matchbox over Hot Wheels many times, but it wasn’t until I saw our collection of garbage trucks and metro busses that I agreed — with Matchbox cars you can play cars just like the ones you see outside.  That was very cool.  The more I played cars with Little Red, the more the collector in me awoke.

Now, every time I pass a store with die-cast cars I have to check out the selection.  You never know when you’ll come across a cool car.  I keep them in my drawer for rewards, or (hopefully I’ll still have some by then) Christmas.  I try to keep to the cheap ones (at 99cents, even I can justify a splurge) but I’m always on the lookout for one from the movie to add to our collection, too. 

I put all of our Cars cars (that are out of the packaging and out of the drawer) on display, and felt a surge of pride at our growing numbers.  I think I’m enjoying this!

our growing Cars car collection

4 thoughts on “I Think We’re Reaching “Obsession”

  1. I love the strange things we become enamored with as moms. Why else would I be excited over the perfect Sippy Cup? Of course cars are much cooler. Maybe Lucy can play with cars too. Girls can do that, right?

    Totally. You’ve got me curious — what’s the perfect sippy cup?

  2. I can’t let Will see this picture, he would be so upset that you have some that he doesn’t. But it looks like he has some that you don’t too, so I guess it equals out. 😉

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