Cosmic Balance

Yesterday my neighbours found out they’re having a little girl.  We’re all really excited.  Little Red has been going around saying, “a baby goyol” when we ask what’s in Angela’s tummy.  It’s so cute.

They were telling me that the night before Lee was hoping it was a boy  (and Ang had thought it was a boy all along), to keep him from being completely outnumbered as he has another daughter from a previous marriage.  I just looked at him and said, “welcome to my world.”

Suddenly he realized that it’s not that big of a deal and that I am his cosmic opposite, in my boy world. 

I’m really excited for them, and I think they’ll be good girl parents.  I’m also glad I can get my girlyness out without having to have a daughter of my own, as I don’t think we’d make especially good girl parents.  Some people can do both, but Paul and I just do boys.  I’m fine with that, so long as there are enough people out there raising girls.


5 thoughts on “Cosmic Balance

  1. Just for this post, your next kid will be a girl 🙂

    Every time we get a new pet SH hopes for a boy to even out things. He is still outnumbered in the estrogen committee 🙂

  2. I always thought I’d be a better boy parent. Jenacy really brings out the girl in me! She’s the one that always reminds me that she wants bows (“pretties”) in her hair and then she’ll bring them to me to put in my hair too! It’s really cute 🙂 She really evens out the family.

  3. That’s funny. We do girls. Not like we had a choice, but i can’ even imagine having boys now. The diaper thing alone would scare me—what with those little water pistols they have.

    You’re not kidding! The firefighter act is a total riot!

  4. I love having both! Originally we thought Keenan was a girl too and all our pets were girls and so Jody just thought he was going to forever be in a world of girls. Having Keenan was great! Having both gives me a balance in hormones and destruction!

    I’m with Aprilmommy, just because you said you were ‘boy’ parents, your going to have a girl…maybe sooner than you would like! 😀

  5. When we only had a boy, we thought we would only be boy parents. Then we’ve had two little girls, we love our girls! Can’t imagine not having them. Though I must admit it’s easier for me to buy toys for a boy than for a girl. Must be that tomboy in me…

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