From the Kitchen:

6 thoughts on “From the Kitchen:

  1. Ooooooo yummy! It’s more fun making bread in the summer because it rises so fast and well! Although cooking it makes a hot house even hotter…but still! Its depressing in the winter when it takes 8 hours for the poor loaf to barely raise at all!

    I couldn’t agree more!

  2. I love my bread machine 😉 All I have to do is pop the ingredients into it, push a button, and wait for the ding a few hours later… much easy heh.

    You’ll laugh, but I’ve never had success with a bread machine. Maybe I should blog that story next…

  3. I wish I could make good bread. Every time I’ve tried here at 8000 feet elevation it turns into a lead loaf!

    I almost said, “then maybe you should move out here” but I caught myself. 😀 Sorry you can’t make good bread. I wish I knew what to tell you to fix the problem!

  4. mmmm. I heart homemade bread. And yes…people who have bread makers are the same who use Hamburger Helper. It’s really quite easy to make stuff, if you follow a recipe. Don’t feed into companies’ clever marketing by thinking you NEED the pre-packaged deal.

    Hear hear! Bread’s not that hard to make, as long as you have the time. It’s just like pizza dough — you do make your own pizza dough, don’t you? 😉

  5. Wow, I admire you for this.

    Thanks! I admire you for many things. Lately, though, I really admire you for gardening. My lavendar is dying and I don’t know what to do!!!

  6. Lol, I have a bread machine, I use it on a daily basis… I do however use a recipe and not those pre packaged boxed breads… why do I feel like I have to defend my breadmaker ways? 😉 At least my kids get fresh bread at all is my thought. if I had to take the time to make it on my own, I could but i know me too well. I wouldn’t do it at all. Perhaps it is time I joined Breadmakers anon or something… Hello, my name is april… and I use… a breadmaker!


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