Parry Hotter

(I started leaving a comment for Karen, on her Countdown post, but realized I should just write my own post.  I’m not doing the whole Harry Potter meme, I’m only responding to the first question.)

When I was student teaching I borrowed books 1-3 from my cooperating teacher under her recommendation.  It was very important to both of us that I knew what the kids were reading.  The fourth book was out, but she didn’t have a copy yet.  One afternoon, Mr. Chang, one of the dads in our class, was mortified that I had not read #4 and promised me he’d send me his copy w/ Nathan the next day.

He did.  It was Norman’s week to drive so I read the book the whole way back from Kailua to Laie.  I read the book during class (shhhh, it was a lab.)  I read the book all afternoon, all evening, all night.  I finished in the wee hours of the morning and still managed to peel myself out of bed before the crack of dawn to meet Norm and drive down to school again.  I returned the book to Nathan and stumbled through my morning.

Mr. Chang came in no more than half an hour after school was over, furious.  “Why did you not read my book?” He demanded.  I meekly explained that I did, and from then on he had a great deal of respect for me; that was the first “long” Harry Potter book, and I read it in a night.

The fifth book came out while Paul and I were in Virginia.  He was teaching the 12 year old’s class in Sunday School and we waited in rapt anticipation with the kids for the new release.  The first boy in our class to finish the book graciously lent it to me.  I tried to pace myself as I was also trying to get ready for a new school year at a new school.  Reading Order of the Phoenix gave me “me time” in an otherwise crazy time.  I began that school year prepared to give my students the best I had, and to engage in the most recent Harry Potter talk with our librarian.

I pre-ordered The Half-Blood Prince with my Mother’s Day money.  It was the first book I read after Little Red was born (yet several months after he was born.)  I was so grateful at the generosity of my friends who had loaned me their copies that as soon as I was done I mailed my copy off to ABQ.  (She graciously returned it in a care package from me.  I have first dibs on lending her this next copy!)

I’m addicted.  Once I’m finished with the series I think I need to focus on more adult reading — I’ve been in the young adult genre for way too long!


4 thoughts on “Parry Hotter

  1. That was an enjoyable post 🙂 I don’t know if I could have waited long enough to borrow any of the books. Which I guess is a good thing because I then can re-read them anytime I wish.

    I also didn’t know that you lent ABQ the book! I am so jealous, I want a care package 😉

  2. When Order of the Phoenix (the book) came out, I felt like I was in a competition with the neighbour boy (older brother of my son’s best friend) simply because he kept asking me what page I was on and what I had just read. It turns out he wasn’t such a fast reader, and he was very interested in knowing who was the major character that died. He was just checking so he could ask me to tell him who it was when I got there.

    That’s so funny!

  3. YAY for Harry fans! I’m so excited about the new book and even the movie. I’m not normally a big fan of movies made from books, but I’ve been consistently impressed with the movies. However, I was sitting beside a woman in the theater here in Edmonton getting ready to watch the last one on IMAX. I asked her if her boys (I think they were 7 and 9) had read the books as well. Her response to me saddened me greatly and proved a point that I have made lots about books to movies…her words were “no, I think they have enough to read from school and I don’t make them read for their leisure time.” I was absolutely mortified. How in the world can a parent make those comments, especially about books so wonderfully written that ADULTS read them in a night!! (I myself read the sixth book in 36 hours, so I can understand your reading the fourth book so quickly yourself) I have all of the books so far and am planning on keeping them for Logan and Olivia to read in the future. I know that Jeff’s dying to start reading them to Logan. That might be our new bedtime routine come this fall when Jeff’s home permanently. It’s the same with the Lord of the Rings. I had those books read to me twice…once by my dad, and once by a grade five teacher. How in the world a parent won’t “allow” her children to read on their leisure time and would rather them plant themselves in front of a screen is beyond me. I have no problem with the book to movie thing, but I feel that at least reading the book is a benefit to anyone! It’s sad to me that there are so many children out there who will never crack one of J.K. Rowling’s wonderful novels and experience their own movies in their heads!!

    Anyway…don’t know what caused that rant, but I can’t WAIT for the book to come out! It’s going to be so cool! And sad at the same time because this is the end of it… I hate to see the end of Harry Potter! But as the saying goes “all good things come to an end”. And next weekend, after Jeff comes home for his four days, we’re going to see the movie! I’m really excited! If you can’t already tell!

  4. I don’t know if there is life after the last Book of Harry Potter. Let me know what books you enjoy when you go into the scary world of adult reading. I’m not brave enough to adventure out by myself.

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