Bear One Another’s Burdens

I had been planning this activity for so long that when I was released from Young Women I told Kristine that I still wanted to follow through with the activity held last night.  As I had been the personal progress coordinator, I tried to plan an activity once a month that related to the theme and the values.  Scheduling messed us up a little so I made last night a twofer.

The devotional/opening was about integrity.  I explained to the girls that we want to develop good atributes and make them integral to who we are.  I put some cloth in a cup of pure bleach while I spoke.  It didn’t fade.  Integrity, I told them, doesn’t bleach out.  It’s who you are no matter what.

Then we talked about Good Works, and how important it is to comfort those who stand in need of comfort and to bear one another’s burdens.  This activity was especially important to me to do this summer, as July 1st was the anniversary of Bishop Nelson’s death, a man with whom the girls had been very close, and August 16th is the anniversary of Jessica‘s death.  When I asked them what we can do to reach out to others one suggested “cards.”  Lucky for them, that’s what I had planned!

When seeing a loved one grieve, it’s often hard to reach out.  When my friends’ baby was stillborn I was mute — I knew my pain couldn’t compare to the devastation they were feeling.  It’s the same whenever I see someone going through a particularly tough time.  I hoped that by making cards I was giving the girls a medium through which they can reach out to those who mourn and let them know they are loved and supported.  Does it take the pain away?  No, but at least it’s something.

Also, it’s a difficult time for each of the girls (and us, leaders) as we remember the losses of last summer.  Making cards and reaching out to others is also a vehicle through which we can deal productively with our own grief.

I hope it helped.

2 thoughts on “Bear One Another’s Burdens

  1. I really like the integrity bleach idea! I think cards are a great way to just let someone know you are thinking of them even if you can’t really do anything to help. It helps just to be thought about sometimes!

  2. Cards are always good to get. You don’t even have to really say anything in the card for it to do the job. Especially when they are handmade.

    So, how come the cloth didn’t fade in the bleach? I don’t understand how that worked. But it sounded like a GREAT object lesson! I’ll have to remember it if I ever get called back to YW again.

    I discovered when making Little Red’s monkey costume that the material would not bleach. (I wanted to bleach the inner ears.) I held on to the material since Hallowe’en and used a scrap as my visual.

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