Independent Woman

It’s been over a year that I have been carless.  I think I’ve done well for myself, all things considered, but I am so sick and tired of having to beg rides everytime I want to go outside my walking radius!  (like … to playgroup, and even to work when I was still working.)

We’ve been thinking about our second car for a long time, wanting to make just the right decision.  New, used, or lease?  How big?  When?  Yesterday was a fairly stressful day and when Paul came home from work I didn’t take him very seriously when he told me that Morgan (one of the salesmen at one of the dealerships we’d visited) had called saying that his manager was desperate to sell a car today and was willing to make deals he wasn’t willing to make before.  Paul loves talking cars so I ignored it.

When my grande finale YW activity was over Paul and Little Red met us (I had Guy Smiley) in the parking lot with Morgan and the charcoal Edge.  I told them both “when I woke up this morning I had a lot of thoughts.  None of them was, “I’m going to buy a car today.””  We went back to Ford, loaded our car seats back into our 2-door Focus (yes, they fit!), dropped off Morgan, and went home under promise that Paul would return and discuss things more.  By this point it was after 9 pm (the boys and I were spent) and the dealership was closing but the amanger would stay if Paul promised he’d come back to talk some more.

We had a family prayer and I felt calmer than I had been in about two days.  I sent Paul away not knowing if he’d return with a car, but knowing that I trusted his judgement and we’d be okay.

He returned at 11:30, after getting a really good deal on a really nice car. 


8 thoughts on “Independent Woman

  1. Yay for now being a 2 car family!!!!!!! How exciting!!!! What kind of car is it?

    We’ve been a 1 car family our entire marriage (except for the 2 months that Nathan had his car before the crash last year). It *really* stunk for sooooooo long. Now we could actually probably afford a 2nd car, but we just don’t need it anymore! If Nathan’s home it’s easy enough to do everything together and if he’s not home he doesn’t take the car with him! Funny how life lines up like that! 🙂

    It’s a 2007 Ford Edge, carbon exterior, camel interior. We were a 2-car family in Virginia for a while but sold the old car when we moved out here because we didn’t think it would survive the drive, and we didn’t want two cars out here (insurance rates are insane!)

  2. Oh congratulations on the new car. We are currently a single vehicle family ourselves and have been humming and hoing about a “new to us” car. It’s going to be a while for us, but yay for you guys!! I have the SUV in the summertime, but in the fall/winter/spring I have to take the bus to wherever Jeff is to get the truck myself, which will be no mean feat this fall when he goes back to school. We practiced without the stroller a few times this spring and it was successful, so who knows. Logan loves riding the bus.

    So so so exciting for you guys!! Take care!!

  3. Congrats!! While having a second car may not always be a necessity, it sure is nice, huh? We’ve been wanting to go back down to one car for a while, but with Ches’ work, it just isn’t going to happen for a while. But if you know of anyone who wants a 2005 Grand Caravan… we’d be more than happy to sell. 😉

    But then you’d be carless with three children and I’m not sure I could do that to you.

  4. Yay for Heather! I am so happy for you guys! Please post some pictures when you can, we would all love to see it. It felt like such a dream come true when we got our second car a few months back. I feel like such a free woman! Potluck lunch at the church on tuesday afternoon? SURE!

  5. CONGRATS! That is SOOOO major exciting. And a fun charcoal grey Focus. Great! Enjoy the new ride AND the new freedom!!!

    It’s an Edge. The old car is a Focus. Maybe with the new freedom we can play?

  6. ya on your new car! I love the Edge! Congrats! Now you can come visit me whenever you want. I must admit I’m a little jealous we gave our truck back to my dad when he was here. It’s now in Washington. I get the car, Shane rides the bus, but just knowing there’s no other option bothers me.

  7. For the record, between incentives, motivated sales managers and Ford connections we got a much better deal on this car than we’ve seen on any other car with under 80,000 miles.

  8. For the record, between incentives, motivated sales managers and Ford connections we got a much better deal on this car than we’ve seen on any other car with under 80,000 miles. Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

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