He Is My Son

Yesterday evening Paul and Captain Underpants were downstairs in the garage.  RockStarNextDoor and a friend were leaving, and Captain Underpants opened the garage door for them.

As they sped off Captain Underpants yelled at them, “you’re WELCOME!”


6 thoughts on “He Is My Son

  1. I feel like yelling that to those I let merge into my lane. Especially when they forget to wave. Better yet they should now have manners included on the driving test. You forget to wave you done pass.

    Anyway well done with teching him that manners are immportant.

  2. I hope he never forgets what he has learned from you while he’s young. (They do sometimes forget when they are older.) But truth be told, this story made me laugh.

  3. I LOVE that Captain Underpants can put neighbors in place when none of the other things we try work. 🙂 Not even big tough LAPD trained husband or for that matter GPD.

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