This Fan is not Super

I enjoy Harry Potter for the escapism.  I appreciate Harry Potter for getting millions of children (and adults!) to read.  The final two books of the series I have pre-ordered, in part due to my own anticipation to read them.

That’s as far as it goes.  In the grande scheme of things, I’m a pretty passive fan.  Certainly not like some people

I pre-ordered my book many months ago, or rather, Paul pre-ordered the book for me as a Valentine’s Day gift.  We’re cheapies, so we went with the free shipping instead of the “day of” shipping.  I was all ready to bide my time this weekend doing THINGS with the family (to take my mind off the book, and to make up for them, in advance, the quality time I won’t be giving them when the book comes.)  So we went to the zoo when I came home from visiting teaching.  (After naps we’re going to Target, and tonight is Cruise Night.) 

Say it isn’t so!  When we returned from the zoo there was a card in the mailbox saying that they had a package for me from amazon.  I can pick it up on Monday after 9 am.  You can bet the boys and I will be there (now that I have transportation) when the doors open.  Maybe I should cancel playgroup at my house at 10?

6 thoughts on “This Fan is not Super

  1. I managed to find my copy at Coles! I’m so happy! But now, with a four week old, a three year old and this clogged duct issue, it’s going to be interesting to find time to read it before Jeff gets home and nabs it from me!

    And thank you SO Much for your help this morning. I went right out and bought the gel packs, (they feel great) a new nursing pillow because mine’s all flat and some bottle lids for my pump. Incidentally, as far as support products for nursing moms, Toys R Us is amazing!! Just thought I’d put that out there!! I also spent the rest of the morning on the phone with community health nurses…all wonderful resources.

  2. My post office opened for one hour only today so people could get their books. I was the first one in line, showing up 20 minuites early… I say cancel the playgroup 🙂

  3. How is it going with the reading? It was very hard for me to put the book down when I had to, but there are things that don’t take care of themselves, like making lunch for the family. I know you are a very fast reader, though, so you will be finished in no time.

  4. I am waiting until someone else who bought the book is finished then i will ask to borrow it. I don’t have the hardback set so I can’t buy it until the paperback comes out and who wants to wait that long? Seeing as it will be a while before i can get my hands on a copy please try to refrain from spoiling it for me. That goes for all of you. I am looking forward to seeing if my theories are close to the actual story.

    I hope you have it and are enjoying it right now. Nothing is worse that waiting for a package and findng out you missed the mailman and have to wait much longer. Our mailman is lazy, the last two times we had ordred something I stayed home all day to recieve it only to find a notice in the mailbox that said no one was home so I have to go an pick it up. What a waste of time. I’m sure your guy isn’t like that.

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