Not a Spoiler


I didn’t open the last page first to see if the final word was “scar.”  I didn’t skim through for the death tally.  I started at the beginning like a good girl, and tried to pause at the end of every chapter to make sure I was processing all the details.

(oh yeah, and to take care of my family)

It might be that I haven’t read a book in a while, well, not one with chapters or plot anyway, but I thoroughly relished reading it.  The end, I’ll admit, was cheesy (even by my standards) and yet I still enjoyed it.  I think this book was a better piece of literature than the others, with the plot and character development.  All I really want to say about the book, is just this:


(a very contended, relaxed, exhalation)

 *** Edit:  After sleeping on it I’ve come to peace with the ending.  I don’t know what I was expecting, after all it is a piece of young adult literature.  The ending, I conclude, is just right, and not even as melodramatic as I had first assumed.  The world would be a better place with more cheese.

9 thoughts on “Not a Spoiler

  1. Oh, I like the U.S. Amazon box better than the Canadian one. I like our cover art for the book better, though — even though I don’t like it very much.

    I finally went and read a bunch of articles on the web that had spoilers in them (only, of course, they aren’t spoilers if you’ve read the book).

    I can’t wait for everyone to catch up.

    I had to go to to see the Canadian covers. I certainly prefer the scene from the Canadian cover. Do let me know if you post up on your livejournal account, and we can talk more about what’s inside the cover.

  2. We were bored and doing a 20 questions game at dinner last night. Nathan asked me “What’s your favorite non-religious book?” I said uhhhhhhhhhhh and realized that I, too, haven’t read any non-religious books with chapters and plots in a long time (I am half-way done with Jesus the Christ, so that has to count for something. Although I can totally predict what’s going to happen at the end 😉 )

  3. Oh, but you ARE KILLING me!!! I want my book so very badly!!!!!

    I’m going to do what Karen is doing… after I’ve read it I’m going to read all the reviews and spoilers that I’ve been avoiding. I don’t want a single thing spoiled. But I want to know what others said and see if any of them were right (I know some were, but still).

  4. I loved the book – I found the end – the afterword part – a bit cheesey too, but came to the same conclusion as you. At least we weren’t left wondering. I would love to discuss it with you and Karen and am anxiously waiting for others to catch up. My hubby is still reading it, so I can’t even talk to him about it – for sheer fear of accidently spilling the beans. 🙂

  5. Oh oh oh!! I’m almost done! I can’t wait. I think I’ve spoiled a bit for myself by accident one evening though when Jeff asked how many pages it was. Somehow, my eyes glanced downwards, so at least I know one thing…but I’m so close, yet still so far away from the end. I could have been done it so much sooner, had it not been for the fact I now have two kids! Hahaha…no no…I’m not complaining…But now that Logan and Olivia are sleeping, as is the little guy I’m caring for, I’m going to settle in for a bit and hopefully chance getting to the end in peace!!! After all, if I’m not done by Monday, tough for me, for the book is going back to Fort McMurray with Jeff!

  6. I finally broke down and bought a copy at Walmart. I had it finished in 24 hours. (including sleeping and taking care of my kids). I felt the same as you when it was over. The end had a bit of cheese but it was still good. It satisfied my husband’s “cliff notes” review. I feel I need to read it again, now a bit slower to really let it sink in.

    I personally like the US cover art better but that’s just my opinion. 😀

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