Motherland (day two)

We started the morning with Brandy and Russ.  The last time I saw Russel he was visiting my brother and I was home for summer from school.  Brandy actually made a surprise appearance at my pre-wedding festifivites, but even so that was eight years ago.  We’ve both graduated from University, she and Russel have married, I’ve lived in four different states and have had two boys since last we saw each other, and she is now pregnant.  What were the chances that we would have an overlapping day in Vancouver with our two vacations?!?  It was great to catch up, and she is looking wonderful.  I briefly wondered if I looked so good when I was pregnant, but I already know the answer to that.

Afterwards we had plans to meet my brother and his girlfriend at the Surrey Museum.  We were looking forward to seeing “The Good, The Bug, and the Ugly” and were disappointed with it’s mildness, but the museum was not a total bust.  Many of the toys with which my father had played as a child were on display in the historical portion of the museum.  What a trip!

We had lunch at a place called Ricky’s, dropped off Andrew and Elena at her mother’s place, and went back home for naps.  That evening we went to a Greek place called Krinos. Little Red showed off his impeccable dining ettiquette by washing his fingers in his water glass, and dazzled everyone with his smile.  (Why can’t I get away with such antics?)

2 thoughts on “Motherland (day two)

  1. How great to see people you haven’t seen in so long!

    I had to laugh at the looking wonderful while pregnant comment. There are a lot of pregnancies in our ward right now. Most of them are the skinny girls with the little basketball bellies who complain about being “sooooo big.” I just have to laugh. I always got asked if I was having twins and I for sure never had what anyone would consider a little basketball belly. I was more in the range of whale-belly. 🙂

  2. It’s so nice to have a nice visit with people from a long time ago that are just as happy to see you as you are to see them.

    Feathersky’s description of pregnant bellies rings true with me too. (At least that’s how I perceive myself, other’s spoke differently of their perception of me).

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