Motherland (day five)

First thing in the morning with Dad and his parents in one car, and Paul the kids and me in the van, we trekked on down to Tsawassen to hop on the ferry.  It was the boys’ first boat ride of any kind, and my first in nearly a decade.  I was so excited!  Crossing Active Pass was really beautiful, and Little Red loved seeing us pass another ferry. 


There’s nothing like being on a boat to bring out my inner loner.  Wearing my sleeping baby I wandered the windy deck an anonymous admirer.  I could stare at the water and the islands forever.  There’s something so calming and centering about being on the water.  I am stripped of materialism and returned to my natural state.  In the decade since I moved to the states I have made feeble attempts to fill a void with flashy things and busy days.  As soon as I return to the land I love I care nothing for those things.  I could live a quiet existence here. 

We dumped our stuff at Dad’s work condo in Victoria, said goodbye to Dad, Nana, and Grandad, and drove up to Saanich to see Mum and the rest of the family.  I hadn’t seen most of them since my wedding, and Mum was the only one that had already met Little Red.  Saturday was a day devoted to baby holding and hanging out.  We took a lot of photos and played around as though there hadn’t been a decade since we all lived together.  It’s very centering to be with those who’ve known you best and longest.  There’s no pretense, no consciousness.  I think it’s the only time I really feel like I can just be and that’s okay.

On our way back to the condo we stopped by Tim Hortons.  We saved most of our purchase for the next morning’s breakfast, but Paul and I each had a doughnut before going to sleep.  Listening to the seagulls out the window, sleeping in a nice bed, and with Timmy’s in my tummy, I fell asleep happily, reflecting on the day and how nice it is to be with family.

2 thoughts on “Motherland (day five)

  1. You description of your inner loner moment reminded me of when I’m near the columbia river. Anywhere near the river. Not just in my home town.

    There have been few moments where I felt like you described being with you family. Being with my oldest and closest friends and (some) family members create that feeling me as well.

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