Motherland (day four)

Friday’s adventure took us up to Brittania Bay (on the road to Whistler) to the BC Mining Museum.  The drive took longer than we had anticipated because of the construction to widen the highway in preparation of the 2010 Olympics.  Little Red had his first experience peeing in the bush on the side of the road.  I was a proud mum.  (My bubble-bursting husband said, “that’s not Canadian.  Americans do that all the time, haven’t you been downtown lately?”)

I saw the dumptruck well before I saw the museum itself.  By then Little Red claimed he was not interested in any more construction, but after our tour and the goldpanning when I let him go check it out, he thought it was the coolest thing ever.  He liked it more than wearing a hardhat in the mine.  He liked it even more than when he was goldpanning with a shovel (I think the pans were too heavy for him and I give him props for his ingenuity.)


We had lunch at Troll’s in Horseshoe Bay, and for supper we had a picnic with my brother Simon, his mother and her boyfriend.  We played and ate and stayed too long.  All trademarks of a good time.

Late late late that night Paul flew in.  Let the weekend begin!


3 thoughts on “Motherland (day four)

  1. Is that Little Red in the itty bitty distance? Wow…another fun place for gold panning is up by Sacramento. That’s where they found gold for the first time in Cali or something.

  2. WOW! That truck is so big!!!!!! How fun!

    Nathan let Jaedin pee on bushes when he and Grandpa went on their 3-generation Father’s/son’s outing back in May. It took me over a month to re-train Jaedin on peeing IN the toilet and NOT out back (or worse, NEAR the toilet).

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