Because Life Without Toddlers is Dull

Before I had a toddler I could leave things on the table or counter and not worry about them.  Before I had a toddler I could put something in the fridge and it would stay there.  Before I had a toddler I didn’t have the unmistakable smell of decomposing food hidden somewhere in the kitchen where I can’t see or reach.

Oh well, before I had a toddler I couldn’t pull the “toddler card” to explain why my house was not tidy.

4 thoughts on “Because Life Without Toddlers is Dull

  1. Hee hee! So true, so true! Isn’t it funny that I can laugh when it happens to you, but it is SO frustrating for me?! Thanks for sharing my life with me! 😀

  2. Hahaha, I LOVE the toddler card!!! I sometimes leave the broom out just so that if someone happens to stop by I can say, “oh I was just about to sweep!” Yeah….like I would leave my floor THAT dirty… 😉

    (of course when Nathan’s home he actually sweeps when he gets the broom out. I just get burned out–it’ll be dirty again 5 minutes after I sweep, why bother?)

  3. I’m so sorry it didn’t skip over you. We ALWAYS hope that our child won’t do the same things our friends children do but then they do and we’re frustrated with it, but just think, he’s normal!

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