We Interrupt the Holiday Programming with this special note . . .

We need a new house phone.  I think this will be our fifth or sixth phone since we were married.  I am so sick of buying a new phone every couple of years.  I’m really frustrated that they are clearly designed to have a short life.

I don’t care about a lot of special features.  I don’t really use the phone all that much.  All I ask is a cordless phone that works.  I don’t want to answer the phone or make a call and feel like I’m playing the lottery with the static.  I hate yelling at my friends, “I’m sorry I can’t hear you.  I’ll try again later.  Or just email me.”

Please, if you have a phone you like, let me know what it is.  I don’t think I’m asking too much.  All I want is a phone that works.

4 thoughts on “We Interrupt the Holiday Programming with this special note . . .

  1. Heya,
    This website shows our phones. Only we don’t have the answering machine.

    We really really like our phones. I’ve gone through about a 5 phones that I hated before I found this one. My favorite feature on it is the buttons are placed in such a way that if I’m holding it with my cheek and shoulder it doesn’t hang up on people. I LOVE that….

  2. Sounds just like us! I hate the static when I’m not sitting right next to the phone base!! We are in the market for new ones too, so let me know what you find!

  3. I really like the phone Drew and I have. Drew’s grandpa gave it to us about 3 years ago. He usually buys top of the line stuff so I don’t know how much it was but it is made by Panasonic and it is called triple talk. For a couple of months now Chloe has been getting into the phone and dropping it and everything and it still works. It also has some fancy features, but I haven’t had any problems.

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