Motherland (day six)

We went to sleep on Saturday night to the sound of the seagulls.  I awoke a few times to the sounds of the revellers on the street below, but it was more pleasant than anything I’d heard at home from RockStarNextDoor.  In the morning as we dressed for church the seagulls were an underscore to the carrilon playing only two blocks away.  Definitely, I decided, I could get used to a luxury condo in downtown Victoria.  Nevermind that it’s a one-bedroom, the hideabed was a perfect bed for the boys.  Little Red loved saying “Abracadabra!” at night as we pulled the bed out and “Presto-Chango!” in the morning to put the bed back.

Church was nice.  I think everyone was a little overwhealmed to see the clan walk in and occupy a pew and a half.  Paul had to take Little Red to the other side of the chapel with some of my brothers because sitting near us was a boy his age who was walking all over his mother and getting away with things we don’t allow in church.  Little Red, seeing the permissive behaviour, wanted to follow suit.  Otherwise, church was uneventful.  Church was church.

We swung by the condo (out of the way) to show Andrew and Elena the place and grab our gift for the wedding, then up to Saanich we went.  It was a beautiful wedding.  Sasha and Heather were happy, so that was the best part.  The ceremony was at the private estate of someone they knew, located on a bluff overlooking the water.

View of water from Sasha and Heather’s Wedding

After a nap we joined up with the family for more socializing and a nice walk along the beach.

skipping stonesIsland View Beach

We said our goodbyes and returned, once again, to the condo.  Guy Smiley, overwhealmed by all the people, was very happy to be plopped on the bed and left alone.



One thought on “Motherland (day six)

  1. Oh man I hate it when parents let their kids get away with everything under the sun and then my kids think they can get away with it too!!! That makes me want to pull my hair out!

    The photos are great! And wearing sweaters! I can’t wait for it to cool off out here!

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