Motherland (day seven)

We had to stop by the campground to pick up Andrew and Elena before we got on the ferry, so we also stopped to pick up a dozen muffins for the family.  (Paul came out from the market with a funny look on his face.  “Tim Hortons would have been cheaper, but you’re right, these are healthier.  I hope your family likes vegan bran muffins.”  I don’t know if they did, but I did, they were delicious!)

We said quick (and teary) goodbyes, and headed up to Sidney where we caught the ferry. 81307-5-small-file.jpg81307-small-file.jpg

We hung out at the house playing Yatzee and resting all afternoon.  For supper we went to White Spot, making complete my trip to BC.  It was a great farewell meal, Dad and Liz, Nana and Grandad, Andrew, Elena, Simon, and the four of us.  Then Dad took Nana and Grandad back to their hotel, Simon went to his first of two hockey games of the night, and the rest of us walked along Kits Beach to try to work off the massive amount of food we’d just consumed.  It was a beautiful night.


3 thoughts on “Motherland (day seven)

  1. My husband grew up in WA state so just south of BC and it looks very similar. You’r husband’s comment about Tim Hortons made me laugh. A girl in our ward just went on her mission to Canada, and I told her she must go to Tim Hortons for curellers. She looked at me and said, “Huh?” Anyway….

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