Motherland (day eight)

My long-suffering stepmum rose before the crack of dawn to take us to the airport.  We walked right past the long line of people at the check-in (yes, long line at 4:30am) to check in at the kiosks were there was no line.  At the Vancouver airport you must go through US Customs and Immigration before you board your US-bound plane.  This was the biggie, for me, the real test of whether my documentation without my passport was enough.  It was.  Our agent was fairly pleasant, even, given the time of day, although it’s been my experience that the agents at YVR are consistently more pleasant than those in the US.

Our gate was next to a Tim Horton’s so Paul spent our last five Canadian dollars on a non-nutritive snack (but, oh, how can you resist a sour cream donut?)  The boys, tired, were slightly less cooperative than on the flight up, but in the end, much better than could have been expected of them and I was pleased.  I even took a short nap on the flight.

Then we cut through the brown cloud, landed twenty minutes before we got to our gate, and entered LaLaLand.  Our neighbour greeted us with a three-hour long concert.  We were welcomed with a heat wave.

The vacation was definitely over.

But Guy Smiley was happy.

2 thoughts on “Motherland (day eight)

  1. Is there any sort of city noise ordinance you can use to get rockstarnextdoor to be quiet? Have you gone to your ornery apartment manager and tried to get them involved? That just really stinks to have to hear that all the time!

    Hey, with Halloween coming up maybe Paul could rent a cop costume and write rockstarnextdoor a fake citation against a noise ordinance and see if that works 🙂

    I’m glad you had a great trip to the Motherland! I’m sure this was in a post a long time ago, but what brought you to the U.S.? School? And then a pesky boy (and then an additional 2)? 😉 How long have you been here?

    Actually, I have finally figured out how to approach the landlords without being a complete pain but still getting my point across. (It helps that I’ve found out the landlords don’t like the neighbours, either.) Cute Hallowe’en ideas, though. I laughed because just last night we figured out what the boys would be for Hallowe’en this year. Great timing!

    As for your second question, I’ll just answer in a new post.

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