I’ve figured out the logistics of the costumes, purchased much of the material, begun cutting the pieces, and conceptualizing the rest.  I’m really excited.  Whereas last year I was still sewing on our way to the Hallowe’en party, I think this year I might actually be done in advance.  I just hope the costumes aren’t too “wierd”.  […]

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Gratitude, a post by a junkie

It’s happened several times since Boy Blue was born that I’ve had such awful mid-back back pain that it’s caused spasms to adjoining muscles and a lot of lost sleep for me!  Last night I could feel it coming and proactively took a motrin (thank you childbirth medications!) before I went to bed.  I wasn’t […]

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Life is a Day at the Beach

We dropped off the computer at the local computer place that offered a free diagnostic test. The rent-a-nerds at Best Buy wanted to charge us $60 and Fry’s wanted to charge us $79, neither place would apply the diagnostic to the cost of the repair, as is standard in car repairs. Paul called later on […]

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Technical Difficulties

Remember how this Saturday was supposed to be different from last Saturday? It is. It’s not even 9:30 am and Paul is already traisping around town with our tower. Last night we thought the video card died, then assumed it was the graphics card. With a new graphics card plugged in the problem persisted so […]

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Joke of the Day

According to Merced, the rumour about me was that Paul was a dentist and his parents were super-loaded.  All these years, when things have gone wrong, Merced has wondered, “why couldn’t I just get myself a sugar Daddy like Heather did?”

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Ramble On Old Friends

I have been deleting and rewriting this post all morning long.  I’m trying to explain why I felt such a yearning to reconnect with my college friends when I felt an equally strong aversion to find schoolmates from high school.  I thought I had narrowed it down to the difference between friends by circumstance and […]

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