I’ve figured out the logistics of the costumes, purchased much of the material, begun cutting the pieces, and conceptualizing the rest.  I’m really excited.  Whereas last year I was still sewing on our way to the Hallowe’en party, I think this year I might actually be done in advance.  I just hope the costumes aren’t too “wierd”.  […]

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Gratitude, a post by a junkie

It’s happened several times since Boy Blue was born that I’ve had such awful mid-back back pain that it’s caused spasms to adjoining muscles and a lot of lost sleep for me!  Last night I could feel it coming and proactively took a motrin (thank you childbirth medications!) before I went to bed.  I wasn’t […]

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Life is a Day at the Beach

We dropped off the computer at the local computer place that offered a free diagnostic test. The rent-a-nerds at Best Buy wanted to charge us $60 and Fry’s wanted to charge us $79, neither place would apply the diagnostic to the cost of the repair, as is standard in car repairs. Paul called later on […]

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Technical Difficulties

Remember how this Saturday was supposed to be different from last Saturday? It is. It’s not even 9:30 am and Paul is already traisping around town with our tower. Last night we thought the video card died, then assumed it was the graphics card. With a new graphics card plugged in the problem persisted so […]

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Joke of the Day

According to Merced, the rumour about me was that Paul was a dentist and his parents were super-loaded.  All these years, when things have gone wrong, Merced has wondered, “why couldn’t I just get myself a sugar Daddy like Heather did?”

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Ramble On Old Friends

I have been deleting and rewriting this post all morning long.  I’m trying to explain why I felt such a yearning to reconnect with my college friends when I felt an equally strong aversion to find schoolmates from high school.  I thought I had narrowed it down to the difference between friends by circumstance and […]

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Rugged Trails

I really wish we hadn’t been out of touch for the most of nine years, but getting reacquainted with one of my first roommates could not have been better timed.  We talked on the phone for an hour and a half, a marathon for me, and she recounted her life since we parted ways: her […]

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The whinyness is the worst.  Everything else is bearable and understandable, but whining grates on my nerves!  I know that I’ve been really fortunate with him, he’s such a sweet guy.  The problem is, I’m sure, that we’ve been cooped up inside for too long.  Now that we’re out and about again I sure hope […]

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It Isn’t Always About Me

I don’t know how many times I have to learn this lesson before I actually get it.  Happiness for me is most likely to be achieved when I’m bringing joy to others.  Venting and self-pitying have never been helpful.  There’s very little difference for me between venting and holding it in.  In the end, neither makes […]

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