September 26, 2007

I’ve figured out the logistics of the costumes, purchased much of the material, begun cutting the pieces, and conceptualizing the rest.  I’m really excited.  Whereas last year I was still sewing on our way to the Hallowe’en party, I think this year I might actually be done in advance.  I just hope the costumes aren’t too “wierd”.  Out here most people just opt for something they bought at the Disney Store.  That’s not really my style, but I am getting tired of having to explain the costumes every year. 

Two years ago, when Little Red was the Duracell Battery people said, “oh! because he keeps going and going?”  (Well, that’s Energizer…  Very few people connected the coppertop battery with the coppertop kid.) 

Last year he chose to be Curious George.  The monkey, you will note, does not have a tail, so all night long people said, “what a cute little bear.”  (grrrr.)

I’m excited for Hallowe’en this year.  I think the costumes will work out.  If I have to explain this year then people need to see a diatician!  But don’t ask, because I never reveal the costumes until they’re done (or almost done, as in the case of last year’s sprint to the end.)


Gratitude, a post by a junkie

September 24, 2007

It’s happened several times since Boy Blue was born that I’ve had such awful mid-back back pain that it’s caused spasms to adjoining muscles and a lot of lost sleep for me!  Last night I could feel it coming and proactively took a motrin (thank you childbirth medications!) before I went to bed.  I wasn’t able to immediately fall into my muscle-relaxing slumber so the next few hours were fitful at best, and certainly not restful. 

At 1am I applied the IcyHot and Paul rubbed my back.  Just as I felt ready to finally sleep Boy Blue woke up.  I went to sleep at 2:30.

At 4 I woke up.  It had only been 6 1/2 hours since my last horse pill, and not the required 8, but I knew I was headed for trouble so I stumbled downstairs for a second dose.  In the interim waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in I was in a lot of pain (but again, not as much as I would have been if I hadn’t taken the first pill!  Thank you, again, childbirth medications!)  It was 4 am and I was slouched on the floor in the bathroom scraping the last of the IcyHot out of the tube with my fingernails.  I was a junky, grateful I hadn’t cut my nails like I had planned the day before.

Thank you childbirth for sending me home with ibuprofen stronger than what my husband got for his back pain!  Thank you children for distracting me so that I didn’t cut my nails!

Things kicked in and as my body turned to jelly and molded into the horrible dip in the bed and I settled in for some much-needed rest, Boy Blue woke up.  (I am grateful that he didn’t time any waking with when I was feeling at my worst.)

Finally I went to sleep at about 4:30 or 5.  The boys let me sleep until 7.

Sleep log: a total of 4 ish fitful hours full of odd dreams and the unmistakable smell of IcyHot.  I’m pretty sure some yoga would help my body, but I won’t make it another hour if I don’t take a nap.  I’m just going to have to stop at the store on my way home tonight and pick up some more IcyHot.  I picked the tube clean this morning.

Falling Under Control (random post)

September 22, 2007

Going a week without the PC this time wasn’t too hard.  Every night when Paul came home from work I could quickly check my email on his laptop.  It wasn’t the same as turning to the computer every time I had a question, but it was so much easier than the weeks without internet when Earthlink was being such a pain.  If I dare say, this week was very good for me. 

As I came up for air after being so depressed this summer, there was a gradual, but unmistakable snap.  The need to regain control is slowly seeping to every facet of my life.  Finally, finally, I am taking control of my house.  I no longer delude myself into thinking I’m going to get help, and I’ve found a few minutes every day to do some real work.  Fall has always been my spring cleaning season, but this year I’m already more successful and purging, organizing, and sticking with it, than any other year.  I’m sure it’s the cooler weather (it R-A-I-N-E-D last night!!!) combined with my need to organize.  Most of it is behind-the-scenes kind of stuff, so some days the apartment appears worse instead of better, but I know what I’m doing, and I can see a difference.

The more I do the better I feel. 

It’s fall.  The weather is cooler so we can get out more, even though I haven’t yet solved my stroller dillemma.  I want a jogger.  My Dad has offered to buy me a stroller, but I just can’t say, “I found the one I want, please send me a cheque for $400 US, plus 8.5% tax plus shipping.”  I’m hoping I can find a decent one on craigslist, my BIL did. 

It’s fall.  The sun doesn’t come so directly into the front of our apartment so I could try again to grow some plants, but I have finally embraced the climate and purchased some succulents.  It was just too depressing to get attached to new growth only to see it fry out and die.  Now, if I can’t keep the cacti alive then we’ll know it’s a problem with me.  In the meantime I am hopeful and happy.   

It’s fall.  We’re all back from our family vacations and our kids are over the freak late-summer illnesses (ear infections, eye infections, croup, high fevers . . .)  Yesterday was our first day of playgroup in two months.  It felt so good to be out, playing with our friends.  It felt normal.  I felt normal. 

Boy Blue can sit.  He’s been doing so all month long.  It’s very exciting because he feels big.  I can put him down and he’ll play for half an hour.  Little Red never let me walk away when he was little.  Boy Blue’s disposition allows me to get things done around the house.  It’s amazing that my house is cleaner than it was when I had only one.

It’s fall, and this is my first random post in months.  I thought my brain was more collected but my week’s worth of thoughts came out in a jumble.  I didn’t intend for this to be random post or even a brain dump.  I have only one more thought to drop into this gurgling pensieve:

It’s fall.  It’s one month till Hallowe’en and once again I’m idiotically deluded into thinking I’m going to make the costumes.  I’m really struggling with the pattern for Little Red’s.  This might just be the year we finally break down and purchase costumes.  If any of you are especially brilliant in the sewing arts, please send me a note.  I think if I just talk out my idea I can find a way to make it work.

Life is a Day at the Beach

September 16, 2007

We dropped off the computer at the local computer place that offered a free diagnostic test. The rent-a-nerds at Best Buy wanted to charge us $60 and Fry’s wanted to charge us $79, neither place would apply the diagnostic to the cost of the repair, as is standard in car repairs. Paul called later on to check on it, found that it’s the motherboard (three weeks after the waranty expired! ARGH!!) and even though they have to order the part, we should have our computer back by Tuesday. In the meantime I’m mac-ing it. Paul has even synced up the laptop with our monitor. I’m hoping he doesn’t need to take his laptop to work tomorrow (he probably will) because I want to play around with Garage Band. (As we all know, I don’t have enough time wasters and my house is immaculate.)

With the computer being cared for we set off, once again, for the beach. All of our beach paraphanaelia was still in the car from last week’s foiled attempt so all we had to do was lather up the sunblock and head out.

We stopped in Anaheim for lunch. We ate at Chris & Pitts, an authentic BBQ joint, because Paul is doing some work for them and wanted to talk with the manager. They comped our meal! We kept insisting that we were there to pay, but what do you do when they refuse to bring you a bill? (Leave a good tip and be grateful.) Now, Chris & Pitts is by no means a fancy place, but they are one of the few restaurants that still cooks over real fire and real hickory. The food was amazing. It’s times like that I am grateful I’m nursing — I surprised even myself with how much I could pack away without feeling stuffed or bloated!

We then ventured down to Aliso Viejo, picked up Paul’s brother Mark, and went to Table Rock beach in Laguna. It was a perfect beach day, and we had a great afternoon playing in the sand and surf.

We were there in time to see the tide come in,


but the barnacles were still exposed,


and an intrepid bird ventured into the surf for a snack:




We dined at Macaroni Grill before we hit the road, and the boys slept on the way home. It was a completely perfect afternoon. People can say what they will about Orange County, and they’ll probably be right. The thing is, Orange County is planned and clean. It isn’t reality, but it was nice to spend an afternoon outside of reality. (And maybe we’ll move out to the suburbs someday — when we retire.)

Technical Difficulties

September 15, 2007

Remember how this Saturday was supposed to be different from last Saturday?

It is. It’s not even 9:30 am and Paul is already traisping around town with our tower. Last night we thought the video card died, then assumed it was the graphics card. With a new graphics card plugged in the problem persisted so he started to think it was the PCI express. But that doesn’t explain why the built-in graphics card isn’t working either, and everything is blue. Isn’t this a new computer? Yes, the warranty expired only a couple of weeks ago.

I’m so annoyed that everything on the market nowadays is junk, designed to be replaced in a very short time. I think the oldest appliance we own is our toaster — boy am I glad we registered for the nice toaster!

While I’m complaining about THINGS, I need some stroller advice. I had always assumed that what I wanted for my double stroller was the Sit-N-Stand. I’m just about ready to get it, too, except that now I’m having second thoughts. It’s really a pain to collapse. My trunk is big so I don’t worry too much, but what if I want something other than the stroller in the back? And it’s a major pain if I’m trying to hold Boy Blue while I do so. Also, it’s kind of heavy, and I do walk hills at the zoo and a pretty steep footbridge over the freeway. The two boys have a combined weight of 47 pounds, so the weight of the stroller is definitely a consideration.

I really like the toddler features, the sit and stand part if you will, and the ease with which Little Red can get out and walk with me if he chooses. The other strollers seem like they’d be more difficult for the toddler to get walk. In the traditional strollers where the children ride one in front of the other they are significantly longer than the sit and stand, which would cause some serious maneuverability issues. I live in a very urban area so that does not appeal to me! Most side-by-side strollers aren’t weighted for children of different weights (and will pull to the side of the heavier child.) The weighted ones appear to be quite expensive.

Forgoing a double stroller is also an option, but it’ll change the way I exercise, and it’ll mean no more walks to the craft store, post office, or mall.


Joke of the Day

September 14, 2007

According to Merced, the rumour about me was that Paul was a dentist and his parents were super-loaded.  All these years, when things have gone wrong, Merced has wondered, “why couldn’t I just get myself a sugar Daddy like Heather did?”

Ramble On Old Friends

September 14, 2007

I have been deleting and rewriting this post all morning long.  I’m trying to explain why I felt such a yearning to reconnect with my college friends when I felt an equally strong aversion to find schoolmates from high school.  I thought I had narrowed it down to the difference between friends by circumstance and friends by choice.  I thought I had narrowed it down to the difference between friends during tough times and friends during happy times.

I’ve finally decided that I can’t make a pretty fence around my friends from different eras.  I guess I don’t even know what the point is of this post.

High school is a difficult time for everyone.  As our brains and bodies were changing so quickly we often morphed into creatures indistinguishable as ourselves.  Sometimes we were unkind.  I never want to relieve high school for two reasons, equally as important: I am sorry for things I did, and hurt by things that happened to me.  While I appreciate those with whom I’m still friends and grateful for some of the new relationships I’ve developped now that we’ve grown up, the reality is that I’m not over high school and I’m not ready to jump back in and try to recontact everyone.  There are only a handful of people with whom I’ve lost touch that I’d like to meet again.

I love being an adult.  I love feeling more in control of my life.  I took a huge leap when I went to college in the US, but it forced me to grow.  I made choices with no regard to what others would think.  I chose classes I thought I’d like, and I made friends with those who made me happy.  Many of those friendships have endured, but some have waned for a myriad of reasons. 

Finally I’ve decided that maybe I feel a stronger affinity with those from college because it was a more pivotal period in my life.  I’ve also decided, however, that when I do come across old acquaintances from the north that we should just start fresh.  I don’t want them to judge me on who I was more than a decade ago; I shouldn’t do the same to them.