She Fell in Love With a Drummer

She fell in love with a drummer
Another & another
She fell in love

(my thanks to Wilco for borrowing some of their lyrics.)

 Actually, it was only two drummers, not three, lest you think I’m crazy.  They are both worth mentionning because the second could not have been without the first.  The first was a wonderful person whom I still respect today, though we are not in contact.  He was right for then, just not right for ever.

Because of him I became involved with the percussion ensemble to meet my ensemble requirements for the music major.  The first was going to Belgium (French speaking) and I was going to learn his instruments while he was away.  We thought we were clever and keeping us together (though technically not together.)

Without my involvement in the ensemble I would never, could never have met Paul.  Even so, it wasn’t until the end of my third semester at Ricks before I met him, and only because the Percussion Ensemble had invited the Symphonic Band to join them on tour to the other side of the state for a music teacher’s conference at Boise State.  Setting up for our concert the night before we left he noticed a percussionist whom he hadn’t previously met (me.)  He approached me and said, “hi, who are you?”

By the end of the weekend we were friends.  For the last few weeks of school I didn’t see him as he had mono, then we happened to meet the week before finals, when we crossed paths on my way to the library.  “I was hoping I’d see you again!” he said.

We dated during finals.  We wrote and called all summer long.  Before I saw him again I knew I loved him, and I was pretty sure I’d marry him.

That, Timber, is why I stayed in the states after college.  You were right, a pesky boy and an additional two.  All told with school and marriage, I’ve been here for ten and a half years.

One thought on “She Fell in Love With a Drummer

  1. What a fun story!!! What happened to boy #1? Did they chuck drum sticks at each other and get in a fist fight during a concert as they fought for your love during the 1812 Overture?

    I *love* how-we-met stories 😀

    No, I got married when he was on his mission and broke his heart. From a reliable source (our percussion instructor) I’ve learned that he has married, so I’m very glad. The First and the One have never met.

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