A Born Leader

After our visit Mum was telling me what a neat person Little Red is becoming.  She said, “he’s the center of attention, not for arrogance, but because he is charismatic, energetic, and interesting.”

With summer family vacations hampering our social lives I’ve had several friends comment on how much their little ones miss Little Red.  It really touches me what a great friend he is and how much of an impact he has in the lives of others.

His cousin said in the car last Saturday, “I’m sad, because I miss Little Red.”  (Lucky for him they were loading up to meet us at the aquarium.)

Little Jack walked around his Grandparents’ church raising and lowering his hands and asking for Little Red.  “It was as though he was saying, I have my tie on, where is my friend?” his mother related to me.

Big Jack’s mother wrote me this in an email, “Also, Jack really misses Little Red.  We got together with another little friend and Jack kept saying, no, Little Red (meaning he wanted to play with Little Red, not this stand in.)”

And yesterday when Jennifer called she informed me that Kyra has decided that she and Little Red will marry.


2 thoughts on “A Born Leader

  1. That is so great! Little Red is such an awesome kid 🙂

    Hey, what did you plan on for Halloween costumes? You’ve always got great ideas!

    You’ll see. . .
    (I can’t say anything until I know it’ll work out. This will be my most ambitious project yet.)

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