Life is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

On our first drive into Victoria I marked the passing of the exit to the University of Victoria with a comment.  It wasn’t much, probably “oh that’s UVIC” or something else off-hand.  Paul asked, “what, exactly, happened with that?”

I tried to explain.  I told him it was the only school to which I had applied, and that when I was accepted to the University, but not the music program I was devastated.  (One of the piano instructors had been an edjudicator of mine at the Rotary Music Festival so we called him and he explained that of all the applicants they were only accepting 12 pianists.)  I told him Mum wanted me to go to school anyway, but when I considered the other programs of study I felt dark.  I thought that meant I should stick to my original plan, to stay in Whitehorse, work, and make sure next year’s audition tape was worth it.

That afternoon our stake president called (Jerry was BP at the time) and after conducting whatever business he had, asked Mum how I was doing.  “Well, actually,” she began, “today she got a rejection letter from the only school to which she applied.”

“Why isn’t she going to Ricks?” he asked.  Mum wouldn’t answer.  She decided that was a discussion best held between him and me.

Ultimately I decided I had little to lose in applying there.  I could always transfer if I didn’t like it, but that it would be good for me to go outside of my comfort zone, go somewhere completely unknown, and spread my wings.  (UVIC had represented a “safe” choice to me, not because I knew I’d be accepted, but because it was within my realm of comfort.)  So I applied for the January term, was accepted, and embarked on a life I’d have never been able to plan.

Paul was silent for a long time.  Finally he said, “are you sad you never went to UVIC?”

I thought about this.  I truly had not asked myself the same question in ten years.  Finally I answered, “no.  I’m glad.”

We didn’t even drive by campus while we were there.  I was happy to be with my family, the family I wouldn’t have had if I had stayed in Canada.

4 thoughts on “Life is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

  1. This was well said. Many times in our lives we can look back and see where we were guided and where our decisions led. I am glad that yours brought you to Ricks, if for only the selfish reason that I am thankful that I had the chance to know you.

    I can’t take credit for the title, though, it’s a line from John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy.”

  2. I agree with April, that is really well said! I tend to second guess way too many decisions and live too often in the “I wonder what would have happened if….” My biggest one that I kick myself over often is not going to college. Not that I really had much of a chance at it (getting married at 18 and spending 2 years working in the wilderness kind of killed that). I never knew how much it would bother me in the future to be uneducated. But I still have that far away hope of one day returning. Yeah, one day when I have lots of time and lots of money. Yeah……

    You will. You can always do classes one at a time, though BYU’s independent study program or with a local community college. In Cali the in-state tuition for community colleges are ridiculously inexpensive. Education is important enough to you that I’m sure you’ll get what you want.

  3. If for no other reason I’m glad you went to Ricks. I would have never have had the blessing of knowing you and having you be an important part of my history (and hopefully future).

    P.S. I knew the title of this post was from that Lennon song. It’s featured in the movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus”. 😀

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