Balancing Dreams

“I really like it here,” he said before we’d been on the island for very long.  I just smiled.  I like it when he humours me.  “Victoria is really nice,” he insisted. 

“Well,” I said tenatively, not sure how to proceed, “if you get a job here I wouldn’t cry.”  Don’t-get-your-hopes-up-don’t-get-your-hopes-up.  There was no way he was really saying what I thought he was saying.

“I wonder how hard immigration is. . .”

!!??!!  Can I get my hopes up yet?  !!??!!

He furthered the conversation by wondering how feasible it would be to move to the penninsula of Washington State, or some other location similar in feel to Vancouver Island but within the United States. 

It was nice to talk about it, and I loved looking at the real estate in Bellingham ( is one of my guilty pleasures,) but the reality is we aren’t going anywhere.  I really think something is going to happen with Paul’s job, especially now that he has been transferred from sales to the service end as an account manager (there’s been no pay increase yet, so it amounts to a pay decrease, but I hope once training is over . . .)  Also, I just agreed to a four-year private tutoring gig — I even felt okay telling the father that we had no plans to leave and that my husband liked his job.  I feel okay with staying here as long as I have hope that there will be a better balance between the cost of living and the wages.

I know this isn’t fair to any of my home-owning friends out here, but I’m still hoping for an earthquake or a recession.  Sorry.  But that’s the only thing that will bring the cost of homes down to a reasonable level.  Even if I had the money (which I don’t) I just couldn’t justify dropping $650K for the 2-bedroom, 3-level townhouse we toured last weekend.

3 thoughts on “Balancing Dreams

  1. Well, we just had a pretty good-sized earthquake yesterday in O.C., and we’re on the edge of a pretty huge recession, so maybe we’ll all get to buy foreclosed houses pretty soon!

    Here’s hoping!!!

  2. Casey and I always hope for an earthquake or recession. It’s somewhat sad to admit….but you know, let’s just be honest. We’d love to own a home here too.

  3. As long as the earthquake or recession doesn’t hurt our house value here in ABQ. 😉

    Why is it that our husbands have the inaite ability to make some offhand comment that totally gets us all upset with making hopes up.

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