A Bunch of Firsts

Yesterday, the first Monday of September, ABQ and her family came out.  It was the first time in eight years I had seen her or her husband, the first time I saw them as a couple, the first time I saw their three children.  Likewise it was the first time our husband’s met (wierd, I thought for sure they had crossed paths in the hallowed halls of the Snow Building, but when we tallied up their ensemble work they never were in the same place together,) and it was the first time she met my kids.

In the evening we went to the ward pool party, so it was also Guy Smiley’s first time in the pool.  He loved it.  He tried to swim.  He kicks his legs with perfect form for a butterfly and didn’t mind when he diped his face in the water with his movements.  It was amazing.

I was really bummed that I still had some lingering yuckiness from the flu that knocked me over the bulk of last week.  I was disappointed that while I was very happy to see her I didn’t look or act so happy at all.  I was in a lot of pain.  I was also very distraught to wake up and find that all my sickiness had moved to my eyes.  Never in my life had I looked or felt like that.

Paul took one look at me and said, “you have allergies.  Take these drops, and take this pill.”

So for the first time in my entire life I had an allergy flare-up.  Even still this morning my eyes are red and my sight is very blurry.  I hope I’m okay to drive tonight, it’s my first day tutoring!


4 thoughts on “A Bunch of Firsts

  1. Luckily you have a husband who knows what to do. I hope you are feeling better and that your tutoring goes well.

    Thank you, Karen. I really lucked out. Paul’s tricks got me through yesterday but this morning’s blurriness really worried me. Fortunately Guy Smiley had an appointment and his pediatrician prescribed me some drops. At least now I can read! (by the time I finished typing my post I could not.)

  2. It was also Ragan’s first time in a pool! It was really so great to see you guys. It’s interesting to replace my memories of you and Paul from school to currently.

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