Well Little Red has my eye infection.  Good thing we recognized the signs early!  We got him into a pediatrician before his eyes even started to hurt.  Have I said lately that I love Kaiser insurance?  Well, I do. 

I hate the medical system in the US and I always feel abused and underinsured.  I know I’m only one catastrophe from being in trouble.  I feel more secure since we got Kaiser insurance.  I really feel like when/if something happens we’ll be okay.  I think it’s because we have copays instead of coinsurance, because they’re so proactive with preventative care, and because every experience I have with them is positive.  They take care of me and my family.  It’s the next best thing to being in Canada.  (In some ways, with the doctor shortages in the large cities, I’m starting to think that it might even be better — except for having to pull out my debit card everytime I receive service.)

That’s the only thing I can really say we did today.  I mean I cleaned the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom and picked up the toys in the living room, but how is that noteworthy?  Little Red and I made pasta sauce.  As a family we drove halfway to the beach and turned around.

I hope next Saturday is . . . different.

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