Facing the Facts

My inner hermit is going crazy with Facebook.com.  It’s ridiculous. 

I’ve had the account for a short while already, I joined up when Janelle sent me an invite.  I didn’t do anything with the account and kept meaning to cancel it when more people found me on facebook and added me.  Before I knew it I was in over my head and thought everyone would think me rude if I suddenly cancelled now.

So last week I actually logged some time surfing facebook.  I clicked the “view friends” links on different people and came across many people I knew in high school.  I think I spent twenty minutes in this investigation and concluded that I had given it a chance and would soon leave the social networking world altogether.  It was unsettling to realize that I was not over high school.  I had so little interest in connecting with those people that I didn’t even want to connect with the few whose company I had actually enjoyed.  So much for giving everyone a second chance now that we’re adults.  (I’ll still go to our 30 year reunion if we have one, but I’m not going out of my way anytime soon.)

But then an old friend sent me an email in which he said, “are you on facebook?  If you are, add me.  I tried looking for you but there are too many Heather Phillips’.”  I added him and sent him an email with a caveat explaining that I didn’t manage or maintain my account.

Somehow it snowballed from there.  I found people I liked.  More people found me.  In a matter of a couple of days I have added checking facebook to my routine, have added applications, and engaged many features of the site.  My husband and I have both admitted to have accounts, have added each other, and are now confirmed as married.

I’ve come to peace with the high school dillemma.  Slowly I may add people, but I’m fairly anonymous from “view friends” surfers as I haven’t listed my maiden name anywhere.  I am, however, very interested in finding friends from college.  I have found a few, but many of them are proving to be quite elusive.  I think I’ll be logging even more time in the future.  I have officially converted and am ready to admit it openly.

4 thoughts on “Facing the Facts

  1. I must be behind the times. You guys taught me about flikr, and now I have to wonder what facebook is. Do I have to have an invite like gmail? If so, will you send me one so I can feel part of life 😉

  2. I’m avoiding anything to do with applications, so I’ve been turning down gifts and invites that people send me (including you — I apologize, but my excuse is that it’s an across-the-board decision). Anyway, I am using Facebook as just one more place to post photos. Also, it’s the only online place I’ve been able to connect with my siblings. My brother doesn’t make himself available to the family very much, so it’s interesting to be able to peek into his life on Facebook.

    I quite understand. In fact, I wish I had had an across-the-board rule like that. Oh well. In the end I’m keeping the aquarium (it entertains Little Red to send Daddy fish) and the “Grow-a-gift”. I do like sending flowers. I apologize for the superlatives, I believe I nominated you as most likely to cry over Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  3. I’ve been investigating, slowly. I haven’t done any of the gifts or invites either. Just haven’t found the time. I had hoped to find more people from high school to see if there was any plans about a reunion, but alas my class is a bunch of losers. I’m not missing much not being there or attending a reunion if one was so planned.

  4. I think I signed up for facebook for a week. I can’t remember for sure. Seems like I did and they kept sending me a bunch of spam so I cancelled the account. Is it like classmates.com? I don’t remember ever actually looking around.

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