Every year Paul’s parents give me a gift card for my birthday because they know if they send me a cheque or some other cash equivalent I’ll just spend it on household things.  It’s not that I don’t want things for myself, it’s just that there are other things we need more.  However, an gift card is like cash for how much they sell.  Combining my gift card and the money from my Dad, and after weeks of deliberation, I made the following purchase last night:

1 bumper pad set for the crib

1 manual breast pump

2 nursing bras

1 lip gloss

1 pair yoga pants

1 t-shirt

The final items were the hardest even though I really could use more clothes.  It was hard to buy those instead of a new telephone, and I wouldn’t have done so but Paul anticipates getting gift cards from work for his birthday (they do gifts at the end of the month) and said he’d buy the telephone.  Some day it won’t be so hard to shop for myself, but in the meantime, happy birthday to me.  The breastpump has already shipped. 

(Part of me thinks, “ha!  I sure showed them!”  The other part of me thinks, “if I don’t like the clothes, no worries.  Amazon sells groceries, too.”)

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4 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I’m totally like you…I usually find economical ways to spend my gifts. I’m glad you found some fun purchases!

  2. I know what you’re going through. It’s the same for me. My mother in law is constantly commenting on my inability to dress myself in a manner that would be less embarassing to others while out with me. I really favour over large tshirts and athletic pants. They’re cheap!! 20$ for two men’s tshirts! I can justify that!! Now, I need new clothing…and I can’t do it!! Don’t ask me why…I don’t want to tell other women why I need new pants!!

    So you’re most definitely not alone! I’d have bought the same stuff!! Really!!

    Shevaun, you need to go shopping. It is possible to find inexpensive women’s clothing.

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