Joke of the Day

According to Merced, the rumour about me was that Paul was a dentist and his parents were super-loaded.  All these years, when things have gone wrong, Merced has wondered, “why couldn’t I just get myself a sugar Daddy like Heather did?”

2 thoughts on “Joke of the Day

  1. HAHA! That reminds me of my uncle who thinks that I am married to this ultra-successful writer. He is actually published after all!

    Aren’t other people’s perceptions hilarious?

  2. I get that ALL the time! I’m married to a pilot, after all, and ALL pilots are super loaded, right?

    When people I don’t know very well ask what my husband does I’ve stopped saying that he’s a pilot. I tell them, “he’s in the high speed aluminum business.” Everyone always just says, “ohhh, how interesting” but don’t ask anything more and I laugh like crazy in my head!

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