Technical Difficulties

Remember how this Saturday was supposed to be different from last Saturday?

It is. It’s not even 9:30 am and Paul is already traisping around town with our tower. Last night we thought the video card died, then assumed it was the graphics card. With a new graphics card plugged in the problem persisted so he started to think it was the PCI express. But that doesn’t explain why the built-in graphics card isn’t working either, and everything is blue. Isn’t this a new computer? Yes, the warranty expired only a couple of weeks ago.

I’m so annoyed that everything on the market nowadays is junk, designed to be replaced in a very short time. I think the oldest appliance we own is our toaster — boy am I glad we registered for the nice toaster!

While I’m complaining about THINGS, I need some stroller advice. I had always assumed that what I wanted for my double stroller was the Sit-N-Stand. I’m just about ready to get it, too, except that now I’m having second thoughts. It’s really a pain to collapse. My trunk is big so I don’t worry too much, but what if I want something other than the stroller in the back? And it’s a major pain if I’m trying to hold Boy Blue while I do so. Also, it’s kind of heavy, and I do walk hills at the zoo and a pretty steep footbridge over the freeway. The two boys have a combined weight of 47 pounds, so the weight of the stroller is definitely a consideration.

I really like the toddler features, the sit and stand part if you will, and the ease with which Little Red can get out and walk with me if he chooses. The other strollers seem like they’d be more difficult for the toddler to get walk. In the traditional strollers where the children ride one in front of the other they are significantly longer than the sit and stand, which would cause some serious maneuverability issues. I live in a very urban area so that does not appeal to me! Most side-by-side strollers aren’t weighted for children of different weights (and will pull to the side of the heavier child.) The weighted ones appear to be quite expensive.

Forgoing a double stroller is also an option, but it’ll change the way I exercise, and it’ll mean no more walks to the craft store, post office, or mall.



2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. I have a double stroller with one in front, one in back. Jaedin is super fast at jumping out of the back and walking when he wants, or we let him stay in front and he can just jump out when he wants (although usually we make him stay in back because if he’s in front it messes up the weight and makes it harder to push). I like the sit-n-stand idea, but I need trunk space because Jaedin’s bike has to fit as well. You might need to take that into consideration as well, another year and little red might be as fast on a bike as you with a stroller and having the ability to have Little Boy Blue and baby #3 (Lady Green?) in the stroller with Little Red on his bike might be nice.

    Or, in other words, I have no idea. 🙂

  2. I love my side by side double jogging stroller. It has a small pivet wheel in front which allows for easy manuverablility. It wasn’t too expensive either. It’s great at the mall and doesn’t take up (too) much space in the trunk. I never noticed it pulling to one side with Will and Syd in it. When I remember what it’s called I’ll let you know.

    I’m sorry about the computer problems, you were looking at my pictures when it happened. I thought I sent you bad pictures. 😉

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