Life is a Day at the Beach

We dropped off the computer at the local computer place that offered a free diagnostic test. The rent-a-nerds at Best Buy wanted to charge us $60 and Fry’s wanted to charge us $79, neither place would apply the diagnostic to the cost of the repair, as is standard in car repairs. Paul called later on to check on it, found that it’s the motherboard (three weeks after the waranty expired! ARGH!!) and even though they have to order the part, we should have our computer back by Tuesday. In the meantime I’m mac-ing it. Paul has even synced up the laptop with our monitor. I’m hoping he doesn’t need to take his laptop to work tomorrow (he probably will) because I want to play around with Garage Band. (As we all know, I don’t have enough time wasters and my house is immaculate.)

With the computer being cared for we set off, once again, for the beach. All of our beach paraphanaelia was still in the car from last week’s foiled attempt so all we had to do was lather up the sunblock and head out.

We stopped in Anaheim for lunch. We ate at Chris & Pitts, an authentic BBQ joint, because Paul is doing some work for them and wanted to talk with the manager. They comped our meal! We kept insisting that we were there to pay, but what do you do when they refuse to bring you a bill? (Leave a good tip and be grateful.) Now, Chris & Pitts is by no means a fancy place, but they are one of the few restaurants that still cooks over real fire and real hickory. The food was amazing. It’s times like that I am grateful I’m nursing — I surprised even myself with how much I could pack away without feeling stuffed or bloated!

We then ventured down to Aliso Viejo, picked up Paul’s brother Mark, and went to Table Rock beach in Laguna. It was a perfect beach day, and we had a great afternoon playing in the sand and surf.

We were there in time to see the tide come in,


but the barnacles were still exposed,


and an intrepid bird ventured into the surf for a snack:




We dined at Macaroni Grill before we hit the road, and the boys slept on the way home. It was a completely perfect afternoon. People can say what they will about Orange County, and they’ll probably be right. The thing is, Orange County is planned and clean. It isn’t reality, but it was nice to spend an afternoon outside of reality. (And maybe we’ll move out to the suburbs someday — when we retire.)

6 thoughts on “Life is a Day at the Beach

  1. Fun beach times. I love Laguna, my family goes there often (since it’s the closest to their house in Orange County…they live in Rancho Santa Margarita).

    Hey, are you new to iphoto? It’s easy to shrink photos. I do it all the time. On my Apple, here’s what I do:
    – click on the photo you want
    – go to “file” and go to “export”
    – you’ll see the pixel size there. I usually change mine to 800×600 (for a horizontal pic, other way around for vertical)…but with wordpress, maybe should do it even smaller. I remember having a hard time trying to figure that out on wordpress. Maybe try 500×375 or 400×300.
    Once you enter a pixel size in one of the windows, iphoto fills in the other number for to keep the photo aspect the same (so that your photo isn’t stretched or squished), so you don’t have to remember those exact numbers I gave you. Anyway, i’m rambling.
    – then hit “export” and save it to your desktop.
    You have to do that which each photo, which sounds tedious…but once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad. And it uses up so much less storage space on your blog.

    um, Sorry for the unsolicited tutorial. I was just helping my mom with this the other night, and you know…i just sorta like to ramble at times.

    Okay, I’m done!


  2. It seems that it is always just AFTER the warranty expires that the computer has problems – I’m glad you’ll be able to get it back pretty quick though – I just die without my laptop.

    Sounds like the beach trip was a lot of fun. 🙂

  3. Do you suppose they have a little thingy-ma-jig built in that is set to take the computer down within a month of the warranty running out? I have noticed this with other things as well.
    I wanted to peek in and see how the whining is going? I so enjoy reading your blog, I hope you don’t mind, but I have added you to my blog roll. If you would prefer I didn’t let me know and I will take the link down.
    I really like the wave action in the first photo… Unfortunately the other photos in the post are not showing up for me.

  4. How fun! I love BBQ! That was probably the best thing about living in Alabama. The BBQ food was AWESOME! We haven’t found a good BBQ joint up here yet, but we eat out incredibly rarely. Although if we find some good BBQ we’ll be forced to eat out more! I loved your nursing comment too. I would do the same thing–eat way too much and blame it on the baby haha

    (and now I’m totally caught up with your blog–YAY!!! hey….where are my kids?…..) 😉

  5. That sounded like a great bbq joint. We have a few good ones here in ABQ, when you visit we’ll have to take you. I love your beach photos, for a second I thought I was looking at pictures of the oregon coast instead of the california coast. 😉

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