I’ve figured out the logistics of the costumes, purchased much of the material, begun cutting the pieces, and conceptualizing the rest.  I’m really excited.  Whereas last year I was still sewing on our way to the Hallowe’en party, I think this year I might actually be done in advance.  I just hope the costumes aren’t too “wierd”.  Out here most people just opt for something they bought at the Disney Store.  That’s not really my style, but I am getting tired of having to explain the costumes every year. 

Two years ago, when Little Red was the Duracell Battery people said, “oh! because he keeps going and going?”  (Well, that’s Energizer…  Very few people connected the coppertop battery with the coppertop kid.) 

Last year he chose to be Curious George.  The monkey, you will note, does not have a tail, so all night long people said, “what a cute little bear.”  (grrrr.)

I’m excited for Hallowe’en this year.  I think the costumes will work out.  If I have to explain this year then people need to see a diatician!  But don’t ask, because I never reveal the costumes until they’re done (or almost done, as in the case of last year’s sprint to the end.)

9 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. We have always done a family theme up until last year – this year I am at a total loss as to what to do for Halloween – I just know that I promised Emmy a tinker bell costume since I chopped off all her hair. I am impressed that you have all the fabric and stuff, let alone figured out what your making! 🙂

    Don’t be so impressed. I asked Little Red a month ago what he wanted to be, and it has taken me this long to buy the material. You’ll figure out your costumes soon. You always come up with just the right thing.

  2. When I seen your duracell battery costume I totally ‘got’ it. Mind you I am the mom of a copper top kid to… so I better get it!
    It will be fun to see what you have come up with for this year — it almost makes me wish my kids were little again so I could do a super secret halloween costume to. Good luck, I’m sure it will turn out beautifully!

  3. I don’t think I ever saw a photo of last years costume! That’s really funny that they thought he was a bear! I never thought about Curious George not having a tail!

    I’m not really sure what we’re doing this year. Jaedin has been switching what he wants to be. I think right now he’s saying he wants to be a ghost. I’ve got a white sheet and a pair of scissors. Done. (ha! See? I can make cool costumes too!) 😉

    Jenacy was handed-down a disgustingly frilly pink dress so I think I’m going to make or find a shepherds crook and have her go as Little Bo Peep.

    We’ve stuck with family theme’s every year up until now. Maybe I can convince Jaedin to be a white sheep instead of a white sheet–errr—ghost.

    I guess I did forget to post a photo from last year. Well when/if these ones get done I’ll post photos of current and past hallowe’ens. Totally go with Little Bo Peep and her White Sheep. You can always wrap him in cotton batting if you think the sheet won’t be warm enough for your little lamb.

  4. I used to make the costumes, but after the boys were in school and bed times became more necessary, I decided to make them every other year. That would make this year the year for sewing but I haven’t the energy so I think we are going to buy them this year again. I did however want to make tim a baker and me the oven and the boys TImbits but I can’t buy those so that wil just have to wait for another year. I think the boys are going to be spiderman and Venom.

  5. Our big question this year is whether The Boy is going out at all. He’s still 11, so I guess he could if he wanted to. It’s whether he wants to. Although I do worry about him, because last year he was treated roughly (I don’t want to say “assaulted” because that will give the wrong impression, but no one should even be touching him, you know?) by a man who was giving out candy. My son was only 10, but the guy decided he was too old to be asking for candy. Sigh.

    That’s uncalled for. When I was growing up and the teenagers came by my parents made them sing. They’d have never done so to someone as young as The Boy, but just to those obviously 17 year olds with their emerging facial hair and thrown-together costumes who were just looking for free candy.

  6. Karen–That’s crazy that anyone would say anything about a 10 (or 11!) year old trick or treating! That’s definitely not too old to trick or treat! I figure anyone any age can trick or treat if they’re in costume and having fun! hehe I went trick or treating even when I was in High School!

  7. I don’t know why, but I can’t think of what to do for Halloween. I will probably end up seeing what DI has to offer at the last minute, like I did last year! Do you have any ideas for me and my family of 5…that’s not going to kill me to make?! 😉 I totally admire you and if you lived closer, I’d hire you to do our costumes too!

    Oh, I’m lucky to just get the kids done. In our eight years of marriage Paul and I have not dressed up once, I believe.

  8. you amaze me at your skills. I, sadly am one of those you referred to as buying from the disney store. Though, to go with my theme I will be throwing together a costume for Will. I am sure people will get your theme this year!

    I wasn’t saying that the Disney Store is bad, it’s just not me. I look at all those costumes and think, “nope, none of those are right.” There’s a chip in my brain that won’t accept it if it’s easy. 😛

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