But Your Brother Didn’t Do That

It continues to amaze me how different the boys are.  Thumper’s six-month birthday has come and gone — already six months!?!

He’s been able to roll back-front since he was four months old, on par with Little Red.  He also cut his two teeth at four months (whereas Little Red and I and all my family didn’t teethe until seven months.)

He’s been sitting up on his own since he was five months old (again, something Little Red didn’t do until seven and a half) but still shows no interest in rolling front to back, which Little Red did at five months.

Little Red crawled at six months.  Boy Blue has no interest in crawling.  He thinks that animals crawl and people walk, and he knows that he is people.  (He thinks, in fact, that he is big like his brother.)  He is only interested in standing and trying to walk.  Have I mentioned that he’s only six months old?  Silly boy.  It is so much fun to see the different ways in which they are learning, growing and developing.

Hallowe’en Update:  Remember last year when I swore I wasn’t going to make costumes again?  Well this year I’m saying I’m never again making costumes without a pattern.  Little Red’s costume is going to kill me, I swear.  I can’t think about anything else but how to try to make it work.  When I lie in bed to nap, I think of the costume, when I’m driving, I think of the costume.  I’ve been to JoAnn’s three times in the past week to get more material (because when you’re making your own pattern you’re going to make mistakes! — the last time I realized that while the outfit technically fit him, there was no room for sitting, squatting, running, or jumping.)

2 thoughts on “But Your Brother Didn’t Do That

  1. I discovered that each child does their own thing at their own time. Sydnie rolled over before Will, but she crawled, walked and cut teeth later. I always joked that her thought was “if I start crawling, he’ll get me. If I start walking, he’ll push me down! Why would I want to set myself up for abuse?” Ragan has rolled from her back to her side (almost front) but when on her tummy is happy to suck her thumb.

    My brother (next younger than me) sat back and waited on EVERYTHING. Why should he when I would do it for him. I’m thinking maybe Guy Smiley is just the layed back time in certain areas, and totally gung ho in others.

    So true, eh?

  2. You are making the costume with no pattern?!?!?! WOW!!!! I can’t wait to see it!

    Jaedin and Jenacy have been TOTAL opposites on just about everything. They’ve both developed dramatically different. Jenacy didn’t walk until 13 months old, where Jaedin was walking at 8 or 10 months. (wow my memory is getting bad…I remember it was an even number…probably 10 months) 🙂 But I think Jenacy’s mentality was like Dana’s daughters mentality: If I stand up he’s going to push me down. I’m SURE not going to become the new target!

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