Primary Update

I feel like we’ve got our feet under us in primary now.  We’ve got the day-to-day things under control and that we’re a strong team as a presidency.  We’re really working to improve the spirituality of the children and to aid them in their scriptural literacy.  We especially want the children to know how much we love them.

There are some parents, however, who are less than pleased with some of our decisions.  Two of the most unpopular decisions?  Asking the parents to please pick up the children when the block is up instead of letting them run wild in the halls (a child went missing for 15 minutes this summer) or making us sit with them for 20 minutes while the parents talked, and secondly, taking charge to make each child attend his or her assigned class (instead of choosing based on friends.)

I hope the parents come around and see that our intentions are good.  I’m not sorry for any of our decisions, and I can’t believe these otherwise on-the-ball people are getting bent out of shape over these things.  Seriously.


7 thoughts on “Primary Update

  1. I didn’t know you were in the Primary Presidency! Wow! Which calling do you have?

    I think that both of those decisions are FANTASTIC! Our ward in Alabama let the kids run wild the second the clock hit noon–even Jaedin’s sunbeam class! One Sunday he went missing for something around 15 minutes, which doesn’t sound like much, but I was bawling and we had at least 10 people looking for him before he turned up. He was only 3, knew how to open doors, and the church was RIGHT next to a very busy road! Besides, I’d asked his teacher a dozen times not to let him go until I picked him up! I finally just started leaving R.S. 5 minutes early every Sunday so that I could be waiting the second he got released from class. Our ward now keeps the kids in their classes until pickup and I think that it’s a really, really fantastic decision!

    The other decision almost sounds like a “no duh” decision. The kids have to go to their assigned class? Uhh…no duh!

    I think your decisions sound like really good ones 🙂

    I was called some time this summer. I think I blogged about it, but this summer has been crazy. I’m 2C.

  2. The picking kids up so they don’t run around all crazy-like is a great idea!! I’d suggest it here in our ward, but then I’d be responsible for making sure Aiden gets picked up and most days it’s just easier for me to wait in the RS room for my family to get me (we often get out last, and I have a sleeping baby and diaper bag and all sorts of stuff with me). And I’m with Timber on the going to the correct class… no duh.

    Good luck. It’ll get better. Our ward just had a big thing about making sure the teenagers went to their correct Sunday School class. It took a while and lots of hall monitoring as well as physically walking some kids to the correct class, but now there seems to be no problem. Ches loves the class he teaches, and it’s so much better with that set age group.

  3. Our ward does pick-up for junior primary in classes and releases the older kids from senior primary, Attend your own class is, as Feathersky said, a no brainer to me. The parents will get over it eventually and as Sariah said, it will get better. 🙂

    By the way, posted a really funny mom song on my blog today that i thought you might get a kick out of…

  4. BRAVO!

    That was one of my biggest issues when I was in primary!

    I think you get the clueless responses from the parents because many of them see Primary as free baby sitting, not as part of their child’s gospel education and upbringing. So many people don’t thinkt that regular rules of behavior and conduct apply in a church setting. When I was in primary I saw kids doing things that I knew they would not be able to get away with in their school classes. So I started calling parents about it–boy did I get some confused, defensive and very odd responses back.

    But you girls hold your ground on this–if the parents raised their hands to sustain you, it means they sustain your decisions!

  5. I was in a Primary presidency with a huge primary and parents that sound EXACTLY like yours!!! We had AT LEAST two classes of every age group. I was the secretary at first, and I got SOOOOOO tired of parents asking me to switch their child around to another class. Especially when they tried tomake up some lame reason. GRRRRR! And to think that parents ought to actually be responsible for their kids…how dare you! 😉

    Good luck, sister! I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe that kids would be going to classes other than their assigned ones, like Julia mentioned our ward has the junior primary picked up from their class, the senior primary is released by class from the primary room. After reading the complaints of the parents of some of your all primaries I don’t have anything to complain about our primary parents. Our biggest complaint is them forgetting their child’s opening exercises assignments…

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