I’m Not Quitting (yet)

The boys haven’t been sleeping as well as normal, which leaves me feeling worse at 6 am than I do at 4 am.  (Why is that?!?)  We needed food anyway, so this morning we dressed and went to the grocery store before breakfast (uh, because we needed breakfast food.)  The boys were good, and I got what I wanted, with the exception of milk.  I just couldn’t justify paying $5/gallon of milk (and buying two gallons.)  We would go to Trader Joe’s, I determined.  It’s out of the way but we were doing well for time and I was not paying that for milk.

Trader Joe’s, it turns out, doesn’t open until 9 am.  Don’t these people realize that in Mummytime that’s almost noon?  Fine, we had enough milk for our cereal and since I was making brown bread instead of white today we didn’t need more milk.

After breakfast I tried to multitask.  With Little Red watching his favourite show (Super Why!) and Guy Smiley snoozing in the bouncy chair I quickly washed up the dishes so that I could start the bread.  My friend called and I chatted with her while puttering around.  I even went upstairs to start the laundry; I added the soap to the rising water and went down while they mixed before I added the clothes so I could start the bread kneading.

I hung up with Jen and went upstairs to realize I hadn’t added the laundry to the washer and the cycle was almost complete.  As I was taking care of that I heard an amazing THUNK/CRASH and ran downstairs.  I knew instantly that the mixer had walked itself off the counter and fallen to the floor.  The dough, miraculously was salvageable, and the mixer is almost indestructible.  With a screwdriver and five minutes of time it’ll be back to normal.  (whew!)

It was as soon as I got things back under control that Passport Canada called, following up on an email I had sent.  The lady kindly informed me that they had no record of my application.

Truly, any of these would be reason enough to quit for the day, but we’re having company tonight so I am supernaturally motivated to endure.  The house will not be perfect, but at least I tried to do something today.

Silver lining: the laundry is getting done, the bread is rising (though the dough is tough -not enough kneading – definitely not my best batch), and the mixer is fixed.  Passport Canada still has applications mailed from the US this summer that aren’t in the system yet so I’m not going to panic for another couple of weeks.  I sing praises to Kitchenaid for making such a fine product while the boys call out their woes of parental neglect.  Today I draw strength from Yoshimi, and if she can battle the pink robots, so can I.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Not Quitting (yet)

  1. Please take another look at the first sentence of paragraph four. That’s how I can tell you’re having a rough day. Also, I hear you on the opening hours. I think that’s why I spend more time than I should in Wal-Mart. They open nice and early, and the earlier you go, the better parking you get. Sad, isn’t it?

    HA! Thank you. That’s going to make me laugh all day. I know what you mean about WalMart. I used to live near one.

  2. I can’t live without WalMart. We ought to just make Nathan’s checks payable to WalMart. Anyway… 😉

    That is sooooo funny that you forgot to put the laundry in the machine! I hope you visit with company went well!

    It was a short and sweet visit.

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