Seamripper is my Middle Name

I am getting pretty excited for Hallowe’en.  Both costumes are really close to completion!  I have only a few final hems and snaps for Boy Blue’s costume.  Little Red’s is a little further behind but definitely on the home stretch.  Hooray! 

I’ve learned a lot about sewing with this project.  I feel much more confident about looking at something and figuring out how to make it.  I really feel like I’ve improved a lot!  In fact, I’m so bolstered by ny increased abilities that I’m already conceptualizing an even bigger, more ambitious project as a gift to the family for Christmas.  If you’re reading my blog you already know I’m crazy, but it’s so crazy I don’t even dare tell you what it is.

So yesterday as I was cutting out some more pieces and revelling in a little bit of pride  (I admit) I asked my husband what he thought.  “I know you think I’m crazy, but when the projects are done do you ever think it’s cool or do you just think, “my wife is so crazy.”  Do you ever wish you had a normal wife that bought things like everyone else?”

He was quiet for a while and I’m sure he was debating which answer would be safest.  Finally he said, “it’s about 50/50.”

I was really hoping for something closer to 75/25, with the coolness overpowering my-wife-is-crazy.  But as it turns out, he’s pretty worried that one of these days I’m going to finally realize that I took on more than I can handle and that I’m going to snap.

A complete snap in which I am never the same again.

I told him not to worry.  I’m not that crazy. 


4 thoughts on “Seamripper is my Middle Name

  1. Now I am anticipating the big reveal on these costumes! I thought the battery was excellent when you did that.

    You should always beware of taking on more than you can handle, but then again you can’t grow unless you push yourself beyond your comfort level. (That’s my version of 50/50 advice.)

    You’re absolutely right. As for the “big reveal” I’m afraid that as long as you remember the battery everything else will be anti-climatic.

  2. Anyone who makes their kid’s halloween costume is 95% cool, 5% crazy.
    It’s easy to say, Um…my kid’s gonna be a monkey (in a costume I got at Old Navy).
    But to know that you created their stuff! AND no one else will have the same costume?! Totally cool. Of course, this is coming from a fellow crazy-sewer.
    Good luck finishing up!

    Thank you. I really appreciated this comment.

  3. That sounds like my husband “Hmm…which answer will get me in less trouble?…hmm…” 🙂
    I think it’s awesome to sew the costumes! After Halloween or whenever the big reveal is, can you do a post that shows each year’s costumes all together?

    That’s the plan.

  4. You’re doing better than me. I cut one of four’s costume out yesterday. She informed me that she needed it next Wednesday for activity days. Guess I better get moving. Especially considering I have three more to do after hers. At this point I think I really am crazy. I asked Paul last night, “Why do I torture myself every year at halloween?”

    “Because you love the kids”

    He’s right of course – and the kids say with a certain pride and you can hear in their voice the love they fee. ‘My mom made my costume” I think I will remain crazy in the years to come. 🙂

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