I Love L.A.

I was feeling particularly disconnected with the city today.  I know exactly why: I had logged time on realtor.com again, pretending to move into beautiful houses in great neighbourhoods with award-winning schools and paying half as much for my mortgage as I do on rent.

When I came home from work tonight my brother-in-law had forwarded me this link.  If you don’t know LA, read this and you’ll understand.  If you do know LA, read this, because you get it.  Do whatever you want.  It doesn’t matter.  No one cares.


4 Responses to I Love L.A.

  1. It was a bit repetitive. Shouldn’t writing style matter, even in L.A.? Nah, I probably just don’t get it. 😉

    Well, you are right about being repetitive. But writing style really doesn’t matter — have you seen some of the drivel that gets produced out here?

  2. feathersky says:

    I like where it says that your landscape is endless concrete 🙂

    I could never live in a big city!!!

  3. GoofyJ says:

    I’m with Feathersky – I could never handle living in a city. I only lasted 6 months in downtown Portland – and ever since we have been gradually moving further and further towards the country.

  4. Endless parking lots, yet there isn’t anywhere to park.

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