I’m Not Ready for This…

On Saturday Little Red came down from his “nap” with two newly assembled blocks, a red and blue one.  Surely, we figured, he must have had the babysitter do it the other day, but we hadn’t noticed it.  I asked Esme today, three times, and she denied assembling the blocks.  That meant that finally we have to admit that Little Red did it.  I guess it isn’t completely improbable, my BIL disassembled the lawnmover at about this age, too.

At Disneyland on Friday Little Red and Paul walked past a closed-up juice station.  It had pictures of fruit all over the place and singularly, the word “juice.”  Little Red said to my husband, “Daddy, I’d like some juice.”  He looked, but with the exception of the word, there was no indication that it was more than a fruit stand.

At the store Little Red found the Linguine among all the similarly-shaped pasta boxes and said, “Daddy, I want Linguine.” 


He’s not yet three years old. 


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready for This…

  1. Say good-bye to spelling things you don’t want him to know. But it will be really funny to watch other people spell things in front of him and see their reaction when he responds to what they are saying. 🙂

    Yes, I think he’s already figuring out B-A-T-H (“as in, is tonight a b-a-t-h night or should we just do that tomorrow?”) Oooh, I hadn’t thought of the glee of other people spelling around him. That sounds like fun!

    As for the spelling, I think Paul and I have decided that either I need to learn key words in Italian, or him in French, … and then, of course, switch to the other language once he picks up on the first.

  2. That’s exactly how Aiden was. Then, once he turned 3, he started reading like mad. I still get lots of “How old is he again? He can read? He can read that well?” Yes folks, he can. And no, I didn’t push him into it. It was all his own doing.

    So, yeah. You’re gonna have to figure out a new way of secret code between you and Paul. I vote for Italian. Then again, the only Italian words I know from my mom are things like “andiamo!” and “subito!” The last one sure helped out in music. 😉

  3. Jaedin is really book-smart, but man, you can sneak anything by the kid! On the other hand, Jenacy isn’t as book-smart as Jaedin, but she catches EVERYTHING. You can’t sneak anything by her!

    (Does that make any sense? They’re both really smart, but different kinds of smart!)

    It’s awesome that Little Red has his own smart too! 🙂

  4. Does it really surprise you though that he’s already figuring all this out? He’s a genius!! And so polite as MIL puts it. The boys are going to have to be over here once the Little Lady comes out. (please come in 3 weeks not six) What an amazing kid you’ve got!

  5. Smart little squirt you’ve got there. Jacob’s thing is electroncis and problem solving – if he can’t get to what he wants he’ll work at it until he figures it out,, and create many disasters in the process – takes a bit too much after Dorothy 🙂

  6. Heather, this is Jamie Goodrich from RICKS. We did the music thing together. I don’t know if you remember? I found your blog through Ashley’s Stalk it blog. I’m friends with her brother Tyler and his wife Candace. I’m from Camarillo as well. Looks like life is great for you. I’m jealous that you live in California. I’ve been in Provo for years! Ugh! I’d love to hear from you.

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