Not Cement Fires

Thanks to those of you who have thought of us in SoCal this past week.  My family is safe as the fires are brush fires and not cement fires.  Those of us in the city have no need to worry for our homes, only our lungs.  Today the air quality seems to be improving, just in time for the boys and I to venture out on a walk to the doctor’s office.  It’s time for more shots for Boy Blue, although I’m going to ask Dr. Waldron to take a look at Little Red as well and make sure the pukes are just the pukes and nothing more serious.

In addition to being cooped up inside because of the poor air quality our phone and internet has been out most of the week.  Our phones came back this weekend, and the internet has been off and on.  This morning I have spent more time working on the internet than actually using the internet.  I mention this only so that those of you with whom I’m playing scrabulous don’t think I’m so rude for playing the game but never reading your blogs.  Truth be told, my internet just can’t load anything right now.  I tried uploading some photos to flickr and it took forever.  I’m not even going to bother with blogs until that little green light stops flickering and gives me a realiable signal.

I just wanted to say hi.  We’re drowning in smoke and puke and we have a very unreliable connection with the outside world, but we are totally fine.  It turns out that our mind exercises of what we’d do if we had to evacuate were nothing more than fodder — although part of me got my hopes up.  I don’t know that I’d return if we left.  I think we’d load up the cherry table and the cedar chest, take the new car, and go to Detroit.  Well, I guess it isn’t time to leave LA yet, poor environmental conditions notwithstanding.

Edit: Just came back from the doctor.  Little Red hasn’t vomitted in three hours so I have given him a rice cake as his first solid food.  I hope he keeps it down.  Guy Smiley had a round of shots and a baby flu shot and hasn’t had any tylenol but has had amoxicilin — surprise! he has an ear infection in addition to the new teeth and the shots.  It’s off to bed for all of us.  Don’t wake me, not even when it’s time to go to work.


3 thoughts on “Not Cement Fires

  1. Glad to hear that you are relatively well – sorry things have been so rough for you guys lately. Ugh. Hope the sickies go away. We’ve had a bit of puking here, but not from tummy bugs. Jacob has been coughing so severely that he has been making himself throw up – drives me nuts because he starts gagging and I get all worried. I think steam is working on him though so bring on the humidifier.

    I hope things get better down there soon.

  2. I’m glad to hear that everything is okay. I’ve got a friend that lives blocks away from where they evacuated so we were really nervous for them. They never had to evacuate though and everything was fine.

    I know I don’t get a say in it, but I think you should think about moving to Nashville 🙂 There’s no income tax, the air is fresh, nearby hiking trails, and 3 houses for sale right in my neighborhood. C’mon, you know you want to live here 😉

    (but really, if you want I can look around for jobs. I’m not 100% sure what Paul does but if you email me with a good description of what he’d be interested in, I’ll look around!)

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