I am having a miserable time trying to find “the right” gift for my brother for Christmas.  I hate it when people don’t tell you what they really want. So we’re posting what we really want.  Little Red will be 3 years old next week which means he needs his own pass for Disneyland.  He […]

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I Eat Cupcakes for Breakfast

Saturday night I lay on the floor, toys carefully, deliberately strewn around me.  I knew I couldn’t sleep, but I’d welcome any form of rest at that point.  I envisioned my husband coming downstairs, rested, in the morning to find me exactly as I was on the floor, but with a worn-out baby using me […]

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It’s Phobia Time!

Yes folks, that’s right, Little Red has reached that beloved developmental stage: phobias.  I had hoped he’d develop a fear of something obscure and out of the house, as Kyra had done when she was afraid of a mannequin at the Science Center.  Unfortunately, his phobia is within our home. Now before I tell you […]

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words words words

Little Red eats with his shirt off.  I’m not at all ashamed of that.  We discovered when he was very young that it was much simpler to strip him down and let him feed himself (he had to learn eventually, right?) than feed him and clean the clothes afterwards.  At playgroup one day Marcy teased […]

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Treats without Tricks

He practiced saying “Trick or Treat!” at the top of his lungs, but as soon as the homeowners opened their doors he meekly said, “trick or treat.”  He always said, “thank you” for the candy, and followed up with wishing the homeowners “happy Halloween.”  They gushed over him and his manners before they let him […]

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