Treats without Tricks

He practiced saying “Trick or Treat!” at the top of his lungs, but as soon as the homeowners opened their doors he meekly said, “trick or treat.”  He always said, “thank you” for the candy, and followed up with wishing the homeowners “happy Halloween.”  They gushed over him and his manners before they let him visit other homes.

So I’m told.  By Halloween night I had succombed to the boys’ misery and stayed home with Boy Blue while my husband took the Carrot out.  I had been reluctant to let him go trick or treating, as asking strangers for candy is quite the opposite of what I have tried to teach him.  However, once I decided he could go this year, I was very disappointed that I missed it. 

He came home, so grown up, full of smiles.  His father was full of stories detailing how happy he had made people.  I was proud, but sad I missed it.  I am, however, the only one really interested in the candy, so I guess it’s not all bad. 

4 thoughts on “Treats without Tricks

  1. I love Halloween! Certainly not because of all the candy, or for all the greedy kids that come to my trunk, but because we get to celebrate with friend, neighbors and family! I love to party for any reason whatsoever! I’m glad that Little Red had such a good time!

  2. I am sorry you were sick and had to miss the big day – I hope you are feeling much better now. This reminded me of my own ‘little red’ – it was fun to drift back to those days when she was your son’s age. Thank you.

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