Without Memory, What Do We Have?

I wore my poppy, and the adults all expressed concern that I was going to stab my babies with my pin.  I asked the primary children if they knew what I was wearing.  A flower of no significance.  So I took a few minutes to talk to them about the day, the time (it was just after 11 am,) and our freedom.  I even tied it in to the theme of the month and our article of faith (the 11th.)  None of the children looked to have ever been told the meaning of Veteran’s Day, and I did my best not to cry.

Afterwards, Judy R. told me she appreciated that I had taken the time to talk about it because no one ever does anymore.  “And that poppy reminds me of the ones the Legion used to sell.”  Used to sell?

Whatever you call today, Armistice/Rememberance/Veteran’s Day, it’s worth understanding.  I’ve really struggled with the lack of collective awareness for the holiday since I moved to the States, but this year it makes me especially miss my Grandad.

3 thoughts on “Without Memory, What Do We Have?

  1. It’s good to remember as you said, and it occured to me that I have never really explained the signifigance of the day to my children, though they all came home from school on Friday with poppies. I shall commit to remember in future years to come.

  2. We were in the States this year so we didn’t mark the day in any special way, although I saw flags flying at half-mast in both countries. When it was almost 11AM I had a sense of the time, and briefly remarked on it. I feel bad because I didn’t write anything this year on my blog. I’m sorry for the loss of your grandfather.

  3. I’m so sad to hear that. It’s those kinds of things (Rememberance Day) that help us remember what we gained and what we lost in those wars…all wars frankly. And given the present passion with which I’ve seen people in the States throw support behind the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, it bugs me to think that people don’t remember what happened prior to this. It’s a great way to repeat mistakes made by people who never wanted us to repeat those mistakes and it dimishes the sacrifce made by many many of those people.

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