words words words

Little Red eats with his shirt off.  I’m not at all ashamed of that.  We discovered when he was very young that it was much simpler to strip him down and let him feed himself (he had to learn eventually, right?) than feed him and clean the clothes afterwards.  At playgroup one day Marcy teased me that she could imagine him at sixteen, on a date.  He’d sit down in the restaurant and immediately begin to undress.

Of course I insisted that we only undressed him at home, and that in restaurants and at the homes of others we kept his clothes on.

Now he’s weeks away from turning three, and at home it is an instinct to take his shirt off before he climbs into his chair.  He has still never undressed at a restaurant or at the home of a friend.  But on Saturday, at Peekaboo Playland for Big Jack’s birthday, we turned around to see him sitting beside Kyra at the table, ready for pizza, shirt off. 

Marcy’s words from two years ago came back to haunt me and I tried to talk Little Red into putting his shirt back on.  I reminded him that he is a very good eater and he won’t get any pizza on his beloved robot shirt.  I also instructed him to look around the room and notice that everyone else had their shirts on.

Just then, Jen walked by.  “That’s right,” she said to me, “teach him to be like everyone else.”

I gave up.  His shirt stayed clean.  The other parents had stories to tell when the party was over, of the half naked boy sitting beside Cinderella.

4 thoughts on “words words words

  1. So I want to do some more catching up. Don’t have your email, so I guess I’ll do it here, if that’s okay.

    I got all the emails and joined the yahoo group that Dana started, but I didn’t really make myself known. I think you and Jessi were among the few I really remembered. But, I have thought about you over the years. I think I was planning on contacting you through the newsletter or group that Dana started, but I hadn’t yet and then just a few weeks ago was blog hopping on friends’ blogs, seeing if I knew any more people from Camarillo and I saw your full name on Ashley’s blog and thought, “No. Probably a different person with the same name.” But it was you. Yeah! I still have your wedding invitation and I remember you moving to BYU Hawaii I think? I was in Rexburg until 2000 then I came to Provo and have been here ever since. My husband moved here from Virginia to date me and we are always asking ourselves why we are still here, but it’s been pretty good, I guess. We’ve got a 4 1/2 yo girl, Penny. And an almost 2 yo boy, Liam. Penny is serene and good, and Liam is insane and naughty. That pretty much sums them up. I remember studying theory with you and I remember you calling oatmeal, porridge. Ha! Such random memories. That was a fun time, even though the theory those couple of semesters just about sent me over the edge. . .

    I’ve been reading your blog, but I would love to know more about what you’ve been doing and where you’ve been. I guess starting with Hawaii! 🙂

  2. Picturing that made me laugh, but I know exactly where you’re coming from with the shirt thing. My kid’s 11 and I still make him take his shirt off to eat breakfast in the morning (if he’s efficient enough to get dressed before breakfast that day). That’s because he tends to like waffles with syrup, and with him that’s an accident just waiting to happen.

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