It’s Phobia Time!

Yes folks, that’s right, Little Red has reached that beloved developmental stage: phobias.  I had hoped he’d develop a fear of something obscure and out of the house, as Kyra had done when she was afraid of a mannequin at the Science Center.  Unfortunately, his phobia is within our home.

Now before I tell you what it is, let me preface by saying that RockStarNextDoor has turned down the volume, intensity, and frequency of his practicing in the past month and a half.  It has done wonders toward improving the spirit in our home and I am grateful.  (It improved only two weeks after I spoke to my landlady.  Coincidence?)  However, his previous lack of consideration has clearly left a mark: Little Red is afraid of the wall.

Last night he was quiet at suppertime and Paul asked him what he was thinking.  “The wall,” he replied quietly.  Paul followed up to inquire what he was thinking specifically with regards to the wall and Little Red replied something about wanting to break it down.

Now I’m heartbroken that this phobia bothers him so much, and concerned at this first show of real violence.  The poor little guy.  I hope this doesn’t last too long.  It’s been a month already that’s he’s vocalised to us his fear of the wall.

3 thoughts on “It’s Phobia Time!

  1. Are you sure he hasn’t just been listening to Pink Floyd?

    (You knew someone was going to say that, didn’t you? And since I’m first commenter, I guess I get the privilege.)

  2. Poor kid 😦
    But I’m glad that rock star has quieted down a bit!
    Jenacy is afraid of Nathan’s armor. But that’s cuz he set it up on a clothes tree in the kitchen and said RAAARRR!! as she walked by it. She wouldn’t go in the kitchen for a week. I made him move the dumb armor into the garage cuz it kept startling me when I’d walk in the kitchen. Nathan’s been pouting ever since I banished his armor to the garage *rolling eyes*

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