I am having a miserable time trying to find “the right” gift for my brother for Christmas.  I hate it when people don’t tell you what they really want.

So we’re posting what we really want.  Little Red will be 3 years old next week which means he needs his own pass for Disneyland.  He has more toys than he knows what to do with, and he has enough clothes.  The pass is reasonably-priced but beyond our current means.  We are accepting donations instead of gifts toward his disney pass.

7 thoughts on “Posted

  1. That will be a fun, lasting gift for Little Red!!

    I’m joining a community band that is going to Disneyland (I think in the spring sometime) to record in a studio. When I find out when we’ll be there, I’ll let you know and we should totally meet up! Aiden said he wants to go to Disneyland, so we’ll have to see when it is and if my family can come. I sure hope so, cuz I want to go play at Disneyland with my family!!!! 😀 Too fun!!!

  2. That whole aging up thing is a bummer. Soon we will have to pay adult price for “all you can eat” for The Boy, even though he eats less than most kids, let alone adults.

    But of course, going from paying nothing to needing a pass is an even bigger jump.

  3. Get your brother a Chia Pet and tell him that next year he has to tell you EXACTLY what he wants 😉

    Good luck getting Little Red the pass to Disneyland! That will be lots of fun!

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