Notable Quotables from Christmas Day

We got the Simpson’s Movie for Christmas.  When Paul unwrapped it Little Red said, “It’s Homer Eats Donut!”  Everyone started dying of laughter.  Finally Paul’s brother said, “how do you know that?”  Little Red replied simply “I saw it at the movie store.” At supper that night, after a long day at Disneyland, Little Red […]

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One Day to Catch Up

American Thanksgiving There had been a snafu with Paul’s holiday schedule and it looked like his only day off for Christmas would be Christmas day.  As an appeasement (and conceding to Paul’s demand) they gave him the day after Thanksgiving.  His parents graciously flew the whole family out on points so that we could get […]

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Quote of the Day

This morning while getting ready for church I was reminding Little Red that this was his last week in nursery and that next week he’d be in primary.  He’d be a sunbeam and his teacher would be Sister Prieto. “Daddy,” he said, turning to my husband, “next week I’m gonna be a sunbeam and my […]

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He Thinks He’s Two

Yesterday at his check-up, Dr. Waldron asked if Boy Blue was crawling.  “Yes.  And cruising.”  I replied.  Cruising? So we showed her how he can walk, one foot in front of the other, across the exam table.  She was impressed, but also shared with me her pity that soon he’d be into much more mischief.  […]

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The Bosses are Not Pleased

I make a furtive dash for the computer to try for the first time in over a month to chronicle our lives.  For Christmas this year my mother gave me a cd of her journal #25 (December 25, 1986 – April 11, 1987.)  She is a devout journaller.  With the cd she included a note […]

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Trying to Return

Life is such a funny thing.  Lately the life in my head has been too busy, too loud to get out and join the world.  I’ve been all over the place emotionally.  Our plans for the future are changing on a daily basis.  The kids are growing up so fast — I have a three […]

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