The Bosses are Not Pleased

I make a furtive dash for the computer to try for the first time in over a month to chronicle our lives.  For Christmas this year my mother gave me a cd of her journal #25 (December 25, 1986 – April 11, 1987.)  She is a devout journaller.  With the cd she included a note to me which I’ll copy in its entirety as I can’t decide which parts to copy.  It is with this entry that I recommit myself to blogging as it is my only journal.  I need to find and make the time so I don’t lose these memories forever.

Dear Zen

At one point I began to copy out some of the cute things you did as a child, which I had recorded in my journals.  I guess you were just too cute!  I couldn’t finish.

Here is a copy of Journal #25, when Haley was the baby and you were the responsible big sister.  Now, with Little Red and Boy Blue similar in age to James and Haley, you can laugh with me over the crazy antics these kids got into.  I hope you have hard copies of your blog entries to preserve your fond — and maybe not-so-fond memories.

The big sister often gets the lion’s share of the work.  You managed all that, and piano lessons, and school, and you seem to have come out ahead.  I made mistakes.  As Auntie Sibell says, we are the bridge between the old traditional way of raising a family, and the modern way.  You are amazing.  We love you.


Mum and Jerry

One thought on “The Bosses are Not Pleased

  1. It’s good to see that you are back! Good luck keeping up with blogging (I wonder whats happening when I don’t hear from you!). Did you read Eyrings talk “O Remember, Remember” in the last conference ensign? That talk really got me thinking about how I need to add more depth to my journal instead of having it be more like a travel log 🙂

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